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When Climategate broke just before the Copenhagen Summit on Global Warming, the mainstream media was almost consistently silent on the issue. This despite the fact that the materials that Russian hackers had found on the computers of global warming experts were pretty damning evidence, showing a clear conspiracy to misrepresent facts and mislead the public to believe that man made global warming is real. But why would anyone really want to lie about this stuff and why was the media not reporting like they should?

First of all, it’s important to realize once and for all that Global Warming isn’t a stand alone scientific issue. It’s another in a long line of schemes tested by the global cabal that is often referred to as the NWO (New World Order). The members of this cabal are banking dynasties, politicians, media moguls and other people of power and privileged birth. Their main recruitment agency is the Council on Foreign Relations, created by John D. Rockefeller after his other global organization, the Trilateral Commission, failed to achieve the goal of global governance.

Make no mistake about it; the powers that be are doing everything they can to create a global governance structure – one currency, one party, one world. When this structure has been created, you can forget about the freedoms you would take for granted only a few years ago. When a one world currency is in place and global taxes are levied, your tax money will be siphoned away at a never before seen rate. You will likely be implanted with a citizen chip, money will be electronic, you will be restricted in your travels due to ‘disease concerns’ and you will be under constant surveillance 24/7.

Have you heard about the 2012 prophecy? Many people believe this, the end of the Mayan calendar, marks the happening of a natural catastrophe, a cosmic apocalypse, but it’s much more likely that the occurrence of a major crisis – such as WW3 – will be man made.

Back to Global Warming; You see the goal of global warming movement was never to save the earth for future generations. It was to set up a global network governance structure to build the foundation for the future One World (NWO) government. No one in their right mind, would now accept a global government and that is why the elite needs to slip it in unseen trough things like global warming and other manufactured crisis, such as Swine Flu.

That is why it’s so important to be prepared for what will come in the next few years leading up to 2012. WW3 is a very likely possibility and the consequences will be devastating for those who are not prepared. Prepare yourself, 2012 Contact, tells you everything you need to know!

Author: Bruce Bowen
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Bruce Bowen

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