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Face it, not everyone has the time or would like to put in the effort in turning on the weather channel to figure out what the day’s weather is going to be like. If you’re like the majority of that population, the quickest, easiest, and not always reliable way of figuring out what the weather is going to be like is to just look out the window and sort of gauge it. And like I’ve said before, it’s not always reliable especially if you live somewhere like the Pacific Northwest, a la Seattle, WA. And for gardeners, whatever the weather will be like dictates the survival of their plants or their composting projects.

But why bother with educated guesses when there is a unique and modern alternative? A small and attractively styled device that looks like a glowing cube called a Color Changing Weather Beacon offers accurate weather information with an easy to follow color coded legend that lights up. Found on, this unique weather beacon receives its current forecasted weather for your region from the National Weather Service wirelessly, meaning no internet connection would be required.

The Color Changing Weather Beacon does exactly what its name implies, it changes colors according to the weather information its receiver acquires. Ranging in colors from white for below 10 degree Fahrenheit weather to a vivid red for weather in the 100s, just watching the beacon’s frosted glass cube cover change colors is entertaining in itself. The beacon can even be set up to gather the weekend forecast, wind speed, UV index among a variety of other weather related options. As you can tell, this beacon may come in handy for gardeners, surfers, snowboarders and hikers alike.

The weather beacon uses LED light bulbs; hence energy costs are reduced, making the Color Changing Weather Beacon an energy efficient product. Primarily, it should only be used indoors; you do have to plug it into an electrical outlet after all and should it get wet, you may have a potentially hazardous situation on your hands. Requiring little set up (literally plug and play) and quite user friendly, figuring out what the day’s weather is going to be like has never looked so colorful and attractive.

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