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It’s great news that so many people are now living a lot greener and more eco friendly. Eco friendly products like recycling bins and energy saving light-bulbs are now commonplace around the home and more and more people are investing in other eco-friendly solutions and products like energy monitors.

However, one area where we often revert back to the bad old ways is when we turn up at work. No matter how green we are at home and conscious to recycle everything we possibly can, at work, too many of us print off reams of unnecessary paper or waste energy.

Often the argument against being green at work is that it may slow our production of hamper our effectiveness to do our jobs. Yet, there are lots of ways we can work with same effectiveness and productivity but still help the environment.


The internet and email has now made a paper-free office a possibility. However, in the more practical world it is often necessary to print out a hard copy. But try and be frugal with paper, many printers have dual sided capability and even if they don’t, pape4r can be turned over. When printing from websites make sure you don’t print unnecessary pagers, many websites have printer friendly versions so look to use them.

Energy saving

Whilst it might be difficult to convince your boss to invest in an energy monitor they it should be easy to convince them to change to energy saving bulbs as the cost savings will benefit everybody.

Also remember to use the power saving mode on your computer or use a standby saver or eco button if you are forgetful.

Work from home

It might be hard to convince your boss of the benefits of working from home but it can make a real cost saving to both parties. Not only do you not have to commute in but you won’t be using the office electricity. And with the internet and broadband connections working from home is a real possibility for many employees.

Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in an eco office or other eco-friendly products.

Author: Richard N Williams
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