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Eco friendly mattresses are slowly dominating the mattress scene. This is in response to the growing need of people to mattresses that will not stay on the surface of the earth long after they are gone. This is our small contribution in preserving our environment. Apparently, there are more discarded mattresses in the dump yard than people living in a remote city.

Eco friendly mattresses have been incorporated with materials that are biodegradable. But don’t worry that your mattress might be rotting while you are sleeping on it. It will only rot and decompose when discarded. Also, this mattress is easier for recycling centers to recycle.

In addition to its earth-saving benefits, there are also a lot of reasons why you should use this type of mattress. One of those reasons is that it is better for one’s health. The reason why the other types of mattresses cannot be recycled is because of their harsh chemical contents. Constant exposure to these chemicals can shorten mortality rate. In fact, many studies even confirm its effects to babies. Recent studies claim that mattresses with chemicals can contribute to a condition called SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Babies die for unexplained reasons. The chemicals they inhale from the mattress might inadvertently contribute to that.

People suffering from allergies can also benefit from this. Because it is devoid from toxic contents, you are less likely to suffer from skin irritation. This should be the mattress you will give to your baby since a baby’s skin is thinner and far more sensitive.

These mattresses are also fire retardant. Since there are no chemicals in it, it is less prone to fire hazards.

But when you are looking for an eco friendly mattress, you might want to know how eco friendly it really is. The mattress industry is sometimes misleading. Some companies tend to omit facts and these facts can help you decide whether or not to invest in the mattress. There are mattresses that only contain a meagre percentage of natural ingredients. The rest of the materials are still chemical or synthetic.

If a mattress representative tells you that what you are going to choose is a natural and eco friendly bed, ask for the complete list of ingredients and find out the percentage of natural ingredients used in the mattress.

You should have an easier time choosing an eco friendly mattress if you know what legitimate company produces this.

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