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All the fanfare about vampires currently on the silver screen notwithstanding, vampire power has proven to be a drain on the wallet. Vampire power refers to the energy drain that results from leaving electrical devices plugged in. Everything from your personal computer to the television drains power, even when they’re not active. According to the EPA, it’s estimated that vampire power – also known as standby power – costs consumers up to $10 billion annually. By reducing standby power you could save 10% on your electric bill as well as do your part to help the environment.

Standby power refers to the energy most electric items drain while plugged in while not active (standby mode). Although just about everything you plug in draws this standby power, major items including home computers and televisions are cause for the most concern. A few ways to reduce the drain and save money include:

· Unplug items not in use. Sometimes it’s not very practical to do so; however, in the case, a power management device can be used. Your PC and television can be plugged in to such a device that contains a button that instantly wakes it up, ensuring that power is there when you need it. The iGo Power Smart Tower is a good choice.

· Remove all chargers from the wall outlet. Though it may not seem that these items can cost you, they draw power just the same. You’re better off plugging your chargers into a device designed to arrest standby power. Laptop chargers can save up to 85% more power and adapters can be purchased to fit almost any electronic device requiring a charger.

· Opt for Energy Star rated products. Along with using less power overall, these items are made to reduce standby power as well.

· Limit the devices plugged into the wall. You may not be able to bring yourself to unplug your TV or PC; however, consider whether each room in your house needs a TV with a game console. The reduction in the number of devices you have plugged in can not only help with the amount of standby power you use, but your home life may be a bit tidier as well.

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