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Minimizing your trash can be as easy as buying items with less or recyclable packaging. Shopping at stores that sell loose items or that utilize reusable containers is another way to reduce your trash output.

Here are some general guidelines to use when you are shopping to help you reduce the packaging that accompanies most products.

Fresh Foods

When you purchase fruits and vegetables either put them directly in your cart or bring some bags from home that you got on a previous shopping trip. This eliminates those thin plastic sacks that are hanging in the produce department.

Buy in Large Sizes

Buying a large juice container and send the kids to school with a thermos instead of those little individually wrapped juice boxes. Buy a big bag of snacks and separate into little plastic containers or baggies that you can reuse again and again.

No Plastics

Buy items in recyclable containers such as glass or cardboard. Plastic takes forever to breakdown in our landfills and it use petroleum products in the manufacturing process.

Avoid Aerosol Cans

You can’t reuse or recycle aerosol cans. Buy products that come in a pump-action container. Most cleaning products and hair sprays are now offered in a pump action version nowadays.

Take Your Own Bags

When you go shopping, take your own canvas, paper or even plastic (that you got on your last trip) to the store and have the items put in those. Many municipalities are considering laws banning plastic sacks in grocery stores anyway so get used to it now.

Some packaging is necessary, otherwise products would get damaged and thrown away thereby increasing waste also. But using a few tips from above could significantly reduce the amount of packaging trash that people are now just throwing out.

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