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Deciding to go green in terms of constructing your house or building and in the way you live your life has many benefits. Not only will it be a testimony to your advocacy of preserving the environment, you will personally be rewarded with a healthier life.

A healthier home

Whenever you decide to build your house using green technology, you make a conscious effort to improve the way you live. Green construction necessitates the use of healthier building materials. Also, the construction plan of your green home incorporates certain strategies to make the most of what your surrounding environment can offer, thus reducing the burden on wasteful items and materials. For instance, green homes tend to be more conducive to air flow as vents and windows are properly put into place.

Materials that are used in a green house are carefully selected and, in most instances, have a lower life cycle cost than traditional building materials. Often, the amount of building materials to be used is also significantly less, owing to the simple yet functional features of a green house.

Should you decide to sell your green house, you would be delighted to find out that it has a higher market value compared to standard houses, thanks to a renewed and heightened consciousness regarding environmental preservation and protection. Additionally a green home has significantly lower operating costs than “traditionally” built homes. As such, more and more people have come to appreciate the value of a green home.

Saving up on energy

When you go green, you end up cutting down on operational costs and other expenses with maintenance. This is because you use lesser amounts of water, heat, and light energy, precisely because your house is specifically designed to generate savings for you.

Also, going green leads to lower waste disposal costs. This is beneficial as the environment is currently taxed with massive volumes of waste that contribute to pollution. Pretty soon, experts fear that we might not have enough room for our wastes.

Concern for the environment

Do you know that buildings and homes account for approximately 38 percent of the world’s overall carbon dioxide emissions annually? This is certainly bad news, as carbon dioxide is the primary culprit responsible for global warming. Buildings and houses contribute such large quantities of carbon dioxide emission since buildings utilize fuel. And fuels, when burned, produce this deadly gas.

Green construction helps reduce this massive contribution by burning lesser fuels. Its design and facilities, for one, require less maintenance than regular buildings. As lesser amounts of carbon dioxide are emitted, the environment is consequently spared, no matter how minutely, to threats of global warming and climate change.

A better future for everyone

The efficiency of green construction points to one major aspect: sustainability. Whenever you opt to build your house using green technology, you are, in effect, doing your part to keep your community sustainable in the years and generations to come.

Now imagine if your entire community, your city, your state, joins you in your effort. Your community will be known for being responsible enough to try and preserve the local quality of life. Certainly, the move would make a bold statement to the entire world on how you are making a stand to make your community a safer, better, and cleaner place for you and your children.

Winston M. Williams, Jr. LEED-AP – Is a LEED Accredited Professional with over 13 years experience in the sustainable construction industry.

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