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Suddenly, everyone wants to get back to nature. Sure why not. We have abused the earth so much that we need to get it back in its original state. Globally there is immense awareness on saving the planet. People have become environmental friendly and are doing their little bit to ensure the ‘green peace’ is a sustainable effort. Companies worldwide are supporting issues that help the eco-system of the earth. The awareness has made companies reduce paper work and go digital to save trees which are our vital natural resource. This awareness to save the earth would not have been apparent if some companies had not taken up the issue aggressively and made sure it reached every household. Perhaps, this is the real power of advertising. And when it is coupled with eco-friendly promotional gifts, it is more powerful in its reach. Seeing the potential that eco-friendly products have, many gift manufacturers have decided to introduce organic, natural products-like organic cotton t-shirts, green gifts made of natural products without processing and some are hand made. Some of these are expensive but quite a few of them are within budget of most companies.

Recycling has been standard for a few decades now. Recycled products have turned up as gift items and have been appreciated too. They give two messages at the same time; one that the environment needs to be saved and the other what ever the company wants to say. Most of these products meet with a positive response. The eco-products can be customised and personalised also. Some of the most common gifts are shirts, t-shirts, pens, baskets, books, hand made stationary and recycled bags. They are made of bamboos, natural organic material and even wood. They come in eye-catching designs, shapes, patterns and motifs. They can also be personalised and customised. Eco-friendly messages also convey the company’s sentiments. Since eco-friendly products are designed to help our earth, gardening products like tool kits for adults and children are very popular too. When you plant herbs, flowers or shrubs this is also helping to raise the bar on the green movement. Some companies have energy saving bulbs which they have used as popular promotional gifts. Special keyrings have been designed in the shape of a drop of oil or water to emphasise on saving both these precious commodities on earth. Colourful tote bags in various sizes have now made it to the list of trendy eco-products.

Lottie Carrot works in the promotional gifts industry for Argon Promotions, the leading company in terms of innovative business gift ideas. Lottie works closely with businesses to help market their products and services by providing information and help in the selection of suitable promotional gifts for their advertising campaigns.

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