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We live in a day and age where it is of utmost importance to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore reduce the level of greenhouse gases that are being let out into the atmosphere.  Although many people now understand the cause of global warming and that there is something they can do to slow down the effect, not everyone is willing or able to turn their home into an eco-friendly environment.  However, by making small changes, every household can start to become much better for the environment.  One of the changes that can be made is the type of water heater that is installed in the home.  By switching to the more Eco Friendly Water Heater, with just a little added cost to start, every homeowner can start to save money on energy consumption while they keep their level of green house gases much lower.

There are many benefits to choosing eco-friendly appliances for the home even though the cost may be a little bit more to start.  Not only will using Eco Friendly Water Heaters save a homeowner money by using less water and energy, the better performance that is found by using this type of water heater means that the hot water is readily available when it is needed.  The energy star water heaters offer much better performance and using the tankless models will give the homeowner additional tax credits.

Some considerations should be made prior to making the purchase as there are many different models in varying price ranges that offer additional features.  It is essential to look for the water heaters that offer a longer warranty as this is a good sign of the quality of the appliance.  These models generally have a bigger burner and are more efficient at transferring the heat to the water.  They will also have a longer and thicker element which will hold up to longer continued usage and with dual anodes along with a glass lined tank, the storage tank will be less likely to corrode and leak over time.  It is also a good idea to consider the type of energy used, either gas or solar power along with the first hour rating on storage water heaters and the gallon per minute rating on the tankless models to determine how much hot water can be provided.

Although the price range of an Eco Friendly Water Heater is often much higher than the less efficient models, the cost will pay off in the long run.  The storage models generally cost around $500 whereas the tankless models cost around $1200.  Along with the cost of the heater, the cost of installation should also be carefully considered.  Many homeowners are starting to choose the tankless models because they require a lot less space and are much better at supplying hot water instantly in an efficient manner.

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