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The Yellow Pages need to be turned into Green Savings! For as long as anyone can remember, we have been receiving thick phone books at least once a year form at least one company. In major cities, these books are 1500+ oversized pages of information that is easily attainable on the Internet now. The costs to the environment of these directories are devastating. As of July, 2007, the population of the US was estimated to be 301,130,947. There were over 540 million phone directories delivered around the country. That’s over 1.7 per person, and remember that the millions of children, invalids, prisoners and the like have no need for these books.

Even certain local governments are jumping on the green wagon when it comes to individuals having the accessible ability to opt out of receiving these worthless books. They are concerned for the overflowing landfills and the destruction of natural resources that are required to continually manufacture the directories. The average phone book weighs over 3.6 pounds. That’s heavy – especially when you multiply it by 540 million!

Here are some more facts concerning unwanted phone directories:

The phone directory industry in the United States alone generates $13.58 billion (with a “B”) every year. Worldwide, the revenues generated top $26 billion.

In the United States alone, the weight of phone directories produced yearly is over 18 billion 900 million pounds! It takes 24 fully developed trees and 380 gallons of oil to produce just one single ton (2000 pounds) of paper.

The same ton of paper that wasted all of those trees and oil takes up 3 cubic yards of landfill space.

The planet’s water supply is consistently becoming more polluted and less plenteous. It takes over 7000 gallons of water to produce one ton of paper.

4000 kilowatts of energy are required to produce one ton of paper.

Can’t you see that is far past time to stop this madness? We, as the individual inhabitants of this planet, have to stand up and demand changes. The government will never act without our dedicated pressures. The directory companies are not going to voluntarily give up their multi-billion dollar industry. Why should we continue to allow the exploitation and destruction of our forests, wetlands, rivers, lakes and streams just so that we can continue to receive these bulky, worthless phone directories that nobody uses anyway?

There’s great news! There is a website called that offers a free and revolutionary service to opt out of receiving phone directories. It is simple to use; only takes a minute; helps save the world; influences governmental proactivity towards environmental responsibility and makes you feel great for being a green component of positive world change! You simply sign up and they contact the phone companies to opt you out of their mailing lists for phone directories. There’s nothing more to it than that.

Why should millions of people continue to have wasteful phone directories dropped off at their door steps every year (several times) when they don’t even use the books? Of course, they shouldn’t. The only advantages seen by the delivery of these useless directories is seen by the phone companies that generate the billions of dollars of profit from them. It is time to become proactive!

Take part in stopping the madness today. Visit today and opt out of wasting our limited natural resources!

Phillip runs an awesome green website at

He wants to call attention to the impact of wasted natural resources and help to advocate the necessity of the Green movement.

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