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Lately, there have been some fantastic green ideas and new eco friendly products that have hit the market. Many of these green innovations have there basis in traditional and natural manufacturing methods such as craft work.

Wicker chairs, for instance, are really making a comeback. Wicker is a fantastic eco friendly material. It can come from all manner of plants and trees such as willow, reed or bamboo and is completely sustainable. And since wicker chairs and wicker furniture have been made for centuries there are some really fantastic designs out there such as natural wicker dining chairs.

And as more of us want to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, returning to materials like wicker can be a great way to help protect the planet and still bring some style into your home.

But if the old and rustic are not your style there are some great Eco polymer that are 100% recyclable available that looks like natural rattan but are water resistant and don’t succumb to mildew or mould. These eco friendly polymers make great furniture and because of the water resistant properties they are ideal for stylish garden furniture and many look like traditional conservatory or garden chairs.

There are also a wide range of furniture manufactured from recycled materials such as teak. A rustic teak coffee table made from recycled wood will make any living room look stylish. The eco and green materials can look just as stylish as contemporary and less green alternatives but recycled, renewable and eco friendly furniture will ensure your interiors won’t cost the earth!

Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in eco friendly furniture or other eco-friendly products.

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