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When it comes to promotional marketing items for companies, they have a reputation for not being very eco-friendly. One of the most popular promotional items is pens. Pens are a great promotional choice because people always need them, people are always snagging them from places and taking them with them and they are often found in homes and offices. This means imprinting your info on a promotional pen is a great way to get the word out about who you are and what you do.

But if you’re an eco-friendly company, you may have tried to steer clear of promotional pens in the past because they are not good for the environment. Now there are new eco-friendly options such as the cornstarch pens I recently read about which are completely biodegradable. If your biodegradable pen every gets dropped, lost or thrown away, it will eventually disappear instead of polluting the environment and taking up more space at the landfills.

These corn based pens will disappear without harming the environment but they look just like normal plastic pens. They will be slightly lighter to the touch but most likely, no one will even know they are eco-friendly because you can barely tell the difference. You may choose to have an eco-friendly logo or message added along with your company message so that people know you care about going green with your business.

There are also eco-friendly pens that are made from recyclable materials. This is a great example of how we can reuse in our culture today and not allow things to go to waste or end up in the landfills. Plastic bottles can be turned into promotional pens and it’s a win-win for everyone all around. With such a large range of options now available to you, even the eco-friendly company can use promotional pens.

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