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It can be frustrating to feel like money is slipping right through your fingers while bills pile up. Most people are familiar with it. However at times, stepping back to carry out a few simple corrections can make all the difference. If debts are getting you down, find out some great ways of getting rid of them right away.

Cash Dieting

Start by considering a cash diet for a few months. Keep credit cards away in a safe deposit box or cut them up. You can certainly keep a low interest credit card aside for emergencies but get rid of all store cards. The latter encourage buying unnecessary junk at exorbitant interest rates.

Confront Your Lenders

In case of difficulties with any lender, use a personal approach to deal with them. Your initiative will be appreciated and they are likely to be a lot more responsive later when you face further repayment problems. What irritates them most is when you duck and dive the problem.

If you can afford to pay any loan in one go, offer your lender a reduced final settlement between 25 to 75%. Try to get the best deal. All they can say is no and maybe yes just to get some money back.

Various Alternatives

When deep in debt, you’re lucky to be able to pay off a bank overdraft in this manner. They may offer a straight off settlement of 75%. Try asking for a promotion at work. Strangely, one in two people can actually succeed in doing so. Look around for the best deals on gas, electric gadgets and utilities.

With a home energy audit hundreds of dollars can be saved on heating bills in a year. Your supplier may even do this for free or at minimal cost. Most countries now have websites for ensuring the best deal. Do a web search for energy saving and country name.

Make sure all new appliances are energy efficient to save hundreds of dollars a year. Consider renting out a spare room if you have one. Governments are lately offering great tax breaks to do this. The government’s rent a room scheme can earn you up to $4250 a year without tax.

Find out if you pay the right amount in tax. There may be a refund due. Yearly governments gather hundreds of millions in unclaimed tax. Free software programs can help in this. Get cheaper insurance and investments. Look for the best deals on insurance for life, home, health, travel and pet cover. It can save thousands over the years.

Shop more online. Online stores often give discounts due to lack of overheads involved offline. Search for goods with search engines or ask retailers if they have an online store. Have a direct debit set up for your debt payments to leave your account on the day of paying in the paycheck. It ensures less temptation to spend.

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