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When it comes to your business, one of your biggest concerns is your bottom line. And with good reason.

But did you know that making a few small changes to green your business can actually save you money? And not only does going green help reduce costs, but it can also increase your customer loyalty.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 47% of small businesses surveyed said they make sure their customers know they’re eco-friendly. And those customers are more likely to shop with a green business than one that’s making no efforts at all. So, greening your business can definitely pay off.

Here are some small steps you can consider to make your business more eco-friendly:

Turn It Off

According to GreenIT, a consultancy firm, U.S. computers use almost 64 billion kilowatt hours in a year. That’s a lot of energy.

You can help save some of that energy simply by turning off all your computers when you leave the office. And this means completely off; computers still suck power when they’re in sleep mode.

According to the EPA, turning off computers can save you $75 per year, per computer. If you’ve got a lot of machines, this can really add up.


A CFL bulb uses 75% less energy and will save at least $30 over its lifetime. An office full of CFL bulbs…well, you can use your imagination there.

CFL bulbs are really easy ways to save energy in your office. And, your electric bill will be lower as a result.

Reduce and Recycle Paper

You can save a lot of money on paper simply by being aware of how much you’re using. Think twice before printing a document, and consider upgrading to an Energy Star rated printer that will print on both sides of the paper.

And, do your part by recycling the paper you do use. 

Go Electronic

Do you still get paper bills in the mail? Are you still sending your clients paper invoices?

Emailing saves paper. And, it doesn’t have to be trucked across the country. 

By switching to e-billing, you’re also saving money on stamps, paper, and envelopes.

Going green is not hard to do, and it’s certainly not expensive. By making a few simple changes in your business you can not only impact your bottom line, but you’ll also help the environment and improve your reputation.

Jeff Thomas is a contributing writer for Ideal Computer Systems, a leading provider of business management software for Outdoor Power Equipment/Lawn Mower and Powersports/Motorcycle dealers.

With nearly 25 years of proven experience, Ideal has helped thousands of dealers gain control of their inventory, streamline their service department, evaluate their overall business performance with customized reports, and much more. For more information, visit http://www.idealcomputersystems.com/.

Author: Jeff H Thomas
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Jeff H Thomas

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