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Being green and eco friendly is not difficult to achieve and it doesn’t require huge sacrifices in the way you live your life. Being green can be achieved with only small and subtle changes that will not only improve the environment but can often reward you in other ways too.

Here are perhaps the five simplest ways that you can not only make a difference to the environment but also can save you money in the long run:


Perhaps the single most important way of becoming eco friendly is to ensure you are recycling. Recycling is one of the most direct ways you can benefit the environment. But recycling is more than just using a recycling bin to separate your waste. There are other ways to recycle to. Compost in the garden or ensuring you don’t throw anything away that is still functional and useful to somebody.

Energy Saving

Saving energy is another way of helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. It can be done in a multitude of ways from driving less to ensuring you switch devices off from standby. You can even get energy monitors to work out your energy consumption.

Reduce waste

Reducing waste can also be done in a multitude of ways. From ensuring we are not wasting electricity to not buying things we don’t really need. Try and by buy things without excess packaging and recycle rather than throw things away

Buy Eco friendly Products

Often there is an eco friendly or friendlier solution to many of the things we buy. Nearly everything from eco cars to eco kettles are available. Look for energy efficient alternatives and choose items that require less energy than the alternatives.

Try Natural Methods

Often there is also a natural solution to many problems. Try and avoid using chemical in things like cleaners and look for natural alternatives. Revert to drying clothes on a line rather than a washing machine or use a clothes airer. Often natural methods are just as efficient but also cost us a lot less to employ.

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