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Everyone knows the famous song “Dreaming of a White Christmas” but this year environmentally conscious people have another color on their minds. Yup you guessed it…green. If you’ve been wracking your brain to come up with some eco-friendly presents to give, these ideas should surely come in handy.

Canvas Shopping Bags
Just about every store sells reusable shopping bags made out of canvas. To turn a simple bag into a glamorous gift, purchase some fabric paints and stamps. Decorate the bags to suit the personality of the gift’s receiver. You can get as fancy as you want with jewels, beads, stenciling, etc. Make it more special by filling it with another green gift.

Surge Protectors
This is a great stocking stuffer or add-on to an electronic gift. Surge protectors can be switched off when the items plugged into them aren’t in use. With the high cost of electricity, this gift isn’t only energy efficient, its budget friendly too.

Energy efficient small appliances
Energy efficiency isn’t just for large appliances anymore. You can buy energy saver hair dryers, coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, etc. By giving an energy saving gift it’s like you’re also giving money in a card every month as well. Be sure to check that the appliance is actually rated energy-efficient or energy saver.

Organic Bath and Beauty Supplies
Any environmentally concerned woman on your list will love and appreciate an organic-product filled gift basket. You can find individual items online or in stores and put the basket together yourself or you can buy a finished basket from a vendor specializing in organic product.

Plarn” Bags or Kitchen Scrubbers
“Plarn” is yarn made from plastic grocery bags. By using this plarn you can knit or crochet a number of products suitable for gift fiving. You can find plenty of free patterns online by searching for “Plarn Patterns”

Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Disposable water bottles are an incredible waste of energy and resources. Every year thousands of these bottles get thrown away into our landfills where they will sit for decades before finally breaking down. A reusable water bottle is the best choice but when that bottle is made of plastic you run the risk of that material breaking down over time and contaminating your drink. To solve this problem more and more companies are designing stainless steel sports bottles perfect for water and reusable time and time again.

Compost Bin
The ultimate in eco-friendly gifts is the compost bin. So many people think composting is this difficult and complex procedure when all you really need is some vegetable waste, some newspaper and a container. Home improvement and hardware stores carry a variety of compost bins or you can buy one online. If your town has a recycling center they may also sell compost bins at affordable prices. Include a list of compostable waste to complete the presentation.

Giving a green gift is a perfect way to spread the spirit of giving while also doing your part to save the planet.

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Jennifer Carpenter is a work at home mother of three, two teens and a preschooler. She is a writer and Internet marketer who is currently working towards financial freedom through working online. Read more about her incredible journey at http://www.livingmybigdream.com

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