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In our social culture of going green, there are many options in energy saving, making your household greener and even producing your own energy. So is a magnetic generator a valid option for using as a power source, and how does it compare with the many other ways of energy savings option that are available out there.

I, like many others in the world, have been looking for ways of going green within my household. There are many different alternatives out there with even more costs to consider in utilizing them. And I also admit that the going green concept is not just an ecological concern of mind – it is also about the cost savings that we can take advantage of by going green.

The first ideas that come to mind were – how can I reduce the amount of energy that my household consumes. In running through the ideas of reducing our energy consumption, here are just a few:

  • Replacing our incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent or even LED replacement bulbs
  • Going with Energy Star and high efficiency appliances
  • Replacing our heating and cooling system with a more efficient system
  • Doing a blower test of our house to see areas that need better insulated
  • As many, many more

As with most of these options, they either did very little to reduce our energy consumption, or the costs of taking action outweighed their savings. Replacing bulbs is probably one of the most misleading way of saving on energy consumption, as they only represent a very, very small of the energy consumption within a household, yet the cost of these alternative replacements are very expensive. Replacing appliances with energy star and highly efficient appliances is a good idea and saves greatly on energy. Yet unless you are in the market for replacing these appliances out of necessity, this is a very expensive option that does not pay off for at least a decade with any type of savings above their costs. This is also true with replacing your heating and cooling systems.

So now I have had very little results in saving money while trying to go green, I am moving toward the production of my own energy source for our household. I have come across a few options out there and have been weighing out the costs versus the benefits –

  • Solar Energy panels
  • Wind Power from turbines
  • And newly discovered – Magnetic drive generators

Solar energy panels being the first in everyone’s mind, usually, when it comes to household energy production; I have come across that buying these through retail means can be very costly. Even with some federal rebates in the states, it can still set you back over $20,000 which according to their projections will not be made up until over 10 years into the future. You also have the whole issues of cloudy days not being able to produce any useable energy. Although solar energy is a very good form of energy, if you are considering this form of energy production, look intomaking and installing your own solar panels, as these costs are brought down considerable, and you can build up your solar farm over time as you have the ability to make the investment.

Wind turbine energy is another valid source that most people think of as well, but for me this was a very short debate as to the concept of building a large tower to put one up in our yard. I live in a housing development where this is not a possibility of being approved.

This brings us to my most recent and most promising discovery, the use of a magnetic generator. The concept seems too simple. The perpetual motion of a generator produced by magnetic attraction and repulsion is a basic concept. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Well the more I researched the more I realized that they have for some time in many different countries in the world – from Australia to Eastern Europe. And the best part is you can build one with under $200 investment with the most common household tools. It takes up little room, safe to be around and produces a good amount of energy to support a household – so what are you waiting on – go to my site to view more reasons why and why you have not heard of this from the masses

Going green is good for everyone, but I know that I am not along – it must also be financial sound as well. Let’s do what we can to help our planet, while reducing those energy bills and not spending a fortune doing so!

Author: Patrick Cole
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Patrick Cole

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