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The summer is not only a great opportunity to recycle, help the environment and save money it is also a fantastic time to have some fun and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the sunshine whilst helping the environment too. Here are ten great eco-gift ideas to help you make the most of the sunshine:

5. Preparing for winter. The summer is a great opportunity to begin preparing for an eco-friendly winter. Recycled paper can be turned into slow burning eco-fuel for open fires by using a log maker. These compact logs can then be kept dry until for the colder months and kept in a log store providing lots of free and green heating for the winter.

4. Composting. Keeping your garden fed and healthy can be both green and free when you start composting. Large wooden composters (choose one made from recycled wood) can be kept in the garden but those food scraps from the kitchen can be kept in a ceramic compost crock to save you running back and forth to the garden every five minutes.

3. Catching up with your recycling. While recycling bins can be used any time of year we tend to through more rubbish out in the warmer months. Specially adapted trio recycling bins are a great idea that divides a normal kitchen bin into three colour coded section which makes recycling so much easier.

2. Clothes shopping. Everyone loves shopping for a new summer wardrobe and dressing fashionably doesn’t have to mean we can’t dress green. There are huge ranges of eco-fashions and organic clothing for women, men, children and babies available.

1. Drying clothes. The sunshine is a great opportunity to dry an air clothes completely free of charge. However, Mother Nature doesn’t always respect laundry day but there are plenty of eco clothes airers on the market that allow clothes to be dried indoors without turning on that wicked tumble dryer.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in eco-friendly gifts and innovations. Please contact us if you are interested in recycling, eco gifts ideas such as composters or other great green innovations.

Author: Richard N Williams
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Richard N Williams

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