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Eco Friendly Homes Are Popping Up All Over The World.

As members of a world wide community,… the need has never been greater,… the necessity has never been more apparent,… the search never more desperate,…than it is today. Join the movement. Converting conventional homes into eco friendly homes is happening all over the world. It is simple, easy, and affordable. Nikken is the ONLY Total Wellness Company in the world with a message and a way to accomplish it.

What It Takes

Many believe our world is dieing. Because of overuse, pollution, neglect, and the abuse of our environment, we can no longer depend on Mother Nature to provide our basic needs–clean air, clean water, nutrition from the soil. It is time we take responsibility for our selves and help Mother Nature out. We must first begin where we have the most influence in our home. We must first address the pollution and atmosphere inside our houses.

Nikken has always been eco conscious. Developing technology and products aligned with nature. They recycle and encourage others to do the same. They research laws of nature and implement them in their products. Things like natural magnetic energy, negative ion generation to replenish ground-level ions, natural water purifying processes. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, our reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is the equivalent of planting 32 acres of trees – or saving over 15,000 gallons of gasoline every year. By following Nikken’s lead, we too can help save the environment. As we turn our homes into eco friendly homes we will effect our own wellness and help heal the environment.

Isamu Masuda, Nikken’s founder, knew that peace, health and happiness were interconnected. In order to be really healthy, or really happy, or to find real peace, we must be healthy in five areas: In your mind; In your body; In your family; In your community; and In your finances.

“In earlier days I didn’t understand the keys to good health and healthy living. I was an eager student. I learned a great deal from teachers and gradually over time I came to a greater understanding of health and wellness. Over time I developed a vision, a vision for total wellness. I saw that total wellness rested on 5 pillars; a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy family, healthy society and healthy finances.” Isamu Masuda, Nikken Web Page. The Nikken Story.

Through further contemplating this reality, Masuda set out on a mission… to help everyone achieve true total wellness through balanced living —- in Eco Friendly Homes. In keeping with Isamu Masuda’s mission for the company, Nikken is not just about the products. Nikken is about a philosophy. The philosophy of creating peace and balance in your own life. We believe that everyone in the world can enjoy a more comfortable and secure life by living in eco friendly homes, compatible with the laws of good health and nature.

We can quarantine pollution OUT… and good health IN.

Eco Wellness Store

A Research Specialist and Independent Wellness Consultant. Cindy Judd has 35 years experience in the health and wellness filed, researching and observing traditional and natural medicine. As an avid conservative environmentalist, she believes in the need for recycling, cleaning up the air and our water supply, developing cleaner and more efficient fuel sources and becoming well informed and the power of one. As we come together as people of the world, we can solve the problem of disease, pollution, hunger, civil liberties and discrimination.

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