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Good windows are essential elements of both the look and function of your home. Broken, damaged or ill-fitting windows can make your entire house look run-down, not to mention being a source of energy loss. However, the upside is that window replacement is one of the easiest and least expensive home improvement updates that you can make.

Window installation contractors can help you select from a number of replacement window options to find the one that will best suit your needs and your taste. Whatever you choose you’ll experience improved performance and a beautiful finished look.

A Facelift for Your Home

There are many reasons why homeowners replace windows. In some cases, it is an emergency situation of dealing with a broken window, but often it is a choice that stems from a desire to improve the appearance and performance of your windows – and your entire home.

Old windows that have degraded with time or cheap windows that have to be swapped out every year are two of the most common culprits when it comes to bad windows. Getting rid of these types in favor of newer and better quality windows can do wonders for the overall effect of your home. New windows give a home a cleaner, more streamlined look, especially if you choose to replace the majority of your windows at the same time. Even if you only replace one or two, though, the quality and workmanship provided by home window replacement experts, in addition to the new windows themselves, will add an eye-catching element.

When it comes to installing new windows, perhaps the most popular option is replacement vinyl windows. This type of window has a frame made of a long-lasting vinyl material that won’t rot or degrade over time like wood windows. Perhaps even more important than that, though, is the fact that vinyl replacement windows can be installed into the existing window sashes with minimal disruption to the existing trim on the exterior or interior of the home.

Beyond the window material, there is also the matter of the specific look to consider. When replacing your windows you have the option to stay with the original design you had. In this case your contractor will be able to help you find new windows that match or complement the style of your home or your existing windows. However, you can also take the opportunity to add architectural interest to your home with a new variety of window – anything from a simple casement window to a more distinctive bay or bow window.

Improved Energy Savings

Another major reason why homeowners opt for window replacement is energy costs. There are few things more frustrating than not being able to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter due to a drafty or single paned window. All new windows manufactured after 1970 are at least double paned and some companies even offer triple glazed windows that feature a third pane of glass. These additional layers help keep the interior temperature constant and reduce any loss of heat or air conditioning from inside the home.

When you are looking for a contractor to install your basements energy-efficient replacement windows make sure that they use Energy Star rated windows. Energy Star is a government-backed program that helps businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energyefficiency; the program rates various products – like windows – in terms of their energy impact. Most contractors will offer windows with a high Energy Star rating, which means you will use less energy – and spend less money – heating and cooling your home.

Installing new windows is a commonsense and economical solution to improving the look of your home and reducing your energy costs. Regardless of if you are choosing replacement windows for aesthetic or practical reasons, you will get the benefits of both sides.

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