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Many companies have modified or totally overhauled their products to earn, or give themselves, the title of “eco friendly.” The result is often that the change is mostly superficial and the product is only a little bit “green.” As awareness of the environmental cost of producing and throwing away plastic bottles grows, it’s not surprising that some water filter companies have gone “green.” For instance, Aquasana has initiated a “Bottle Your Own” campaign and their products, like the Rhino whole house water filter system, are much greener than other water treatment systems.

Whole House Filter Is “Greener” Than Reverse Osmosis
Two incredibly important eco friendly benefits of the Rhino are that it requires no electricity and wastes absolutely no water (no backflushing). Do you know how much water reverse osmosis systems waste? They can waste three gallons of water to purify only one gallon! Unlike reverse osmosis, a multi-stage selective filter process can reduce VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) and SOCs (Synthetic Organic Chemicals), while leaving in healthy minerals for great tasting pH balanced water. The Rhino filters out over 99% of chlorine.

Eco friendly and the Best Value
For an eco friendly product to be sustainable and thrive, it must perform better and deliver a noticeable ecological advantage. Reverse osmosis alone does not produces water as healthy as the multi-stage Rhino. It is also not as environmentally friendly since it wastes so much water. Reverse osmosis uses pressure to push water through a thin membrane that allows filtered water molecules to pass through, while leaving water with larger compounds (contaminants) behind. Unfortunately, it means that you must waste anywhere from 50 to 90% of the water. Talk about throwing out the baby out with the bathwater! This is simply an eco unfriendly approach to water treatment and the opposite of sustainable living.

Compare that with a system like the Rhino that lets water pass through a 4 stage, dual-chamber tank – where no water has to be wasted. The result is that water that is better than bottled water quality is delivered to every faucet in your home for only pennies a day. With the eco friendly Rhino, you and your family can drink, shower, bathe and live in pure, healthy water!

No More Bottled Water!
Recycling your plastic bottles is certainly better than throwing them in the trash, but it’s still devastating to the environment if it’s done routinely. And it doesn’t make sense from a health, environmental or cost perspective. A “green” home water filter by Aquasana can provide better than bottled water quality for under two cents a bottle!

It’s not uncommon for families to spend over a hundred dollars a month on bottled water and hardly notice they are doing it. Even worse, Recycling Revolution estimates that Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour and most of them are thrown away. People have saved $500 a year and more by investing in a whole house filtration system. There are also numerous other health benefits that are too vast to detail here. With the Rhino EQ-300, you can get the best value of any whole house system in America, save hundreds of dollars by bottling your own water, and feel good about an appliance that offers superior eco friendly advantages over other water treatment systems.

There are now hundreds of good reasons for the surge in “green” products. The Rhino joins such products because it wastes no water; is a healthier alternative to other water filter systems; is a tremendous alternative to bottled water, and can prevent thousands of plastic containers from making their way into landfills and polluting the environment. Additionally, a quality home water treatment appliance is also quite likely the best investment you can make in the health of your family. Now that you understand that not all whole house water filters are the same when it comes to being environmentally friendly, take some time to research and compare prices and performance.

To learn more about the best value of any whole house water filter system in America, visit http://www.aquasanaforlife.com now.

Author: David Thimme
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David Thimme

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