Apr 122010

Are you thinking about installing a solar hot water system?

Making an investment in solar energy can be a big step, especially if you are on a tight budget.

However, solar hot water is one of the cheapest and simplest way to put solar energy to work and get real value for your money. It has been long recognized that solar water systems are easy to install and integrate with your home whether new or retro-fitted. It has also long been recognized as the front-runner of renewable energy technologies.

The cost benefit of installing a solar water heating system in your home are significant and long term and pay off early. Sun powered water heating can provide almost all of your domestic hot water needs depending on your locations sun resource. If you live in a very sunny area, you can easily provide all your water heating needs. In most normal home locations, it is possible to really save on your water heating bill.

For home in lower latitudes or in cloudier and cooler climates, money savings are still considerable. It is not uncommon for up to 50% of home water heating to be provided by your solar hot water system.

Solar water heating systems also avoid the harmful greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity production to heat your water. During a solar hot water systems lifespan, of over 20 years, a solar water heater can save on more than 50 tons of carbon dioxide.

A relatively inexpensive solar hot water investment will last at least 25 years and can pay for itself within 5 years. In many places, state or local governments offer rebates or tax incentives to implement solar water heaters in their homes to offset carbon emissions.

When it comes to solar energy, many people focus on solar electricity. However, understanding your energy usage through a home energy audit, you can make significant savings quite quickly and simply. Rather than installing an expensive solar electrical system, by installing relatively cheap solar hot water systems, large cost benefits can be made to your home budget

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Author: Greg Murry
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