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When you have young children in the home, there is almost always some type of lighting burning up your electric bill. At night there are night lights and sometimes household lights as infants wake up for night time feedings. During the day you have lights in the play room, bedrooms, and other rooms where you read to your children, watch TV with them, or simply play with them.

If you have teenagers, then there are probably lights left on at all times as you practically ring their necks for not turning them out when they leave one room for another.

You may not think much about the amount of time your house remains lit up, but you might be quite shocked to see what a difference it is making on your electric bill. If you are trying to reduce expenses, it’s time to consider eco-friendly light bulbs for the rooms your children often leave a-glow…or for your entire home even.

Benefits of Eco Bulbs

Eco light bulbs are hard for some people to understand beyond the fact that they are oddly shaped and can be a lot more expensive than a cheap standard light bulb. They are shaped differently because they are designed to work differently.

Essentially, an eco bulb is designed to pull in less energy while still delivering enough light for you and your children to enjoy your home to the full extent. Since it pulls in less energy you can burn the lights the same amount of time but not spend as much on electricity.

The biggest impact will be seen if you change your entire household to eco friendly bulbs, but that may take some time of gradually transferring since the bulbs can be more expensive. In the long run the savings do win out because eco bulbs tend to last much longer than a standard light bulb.

Options for Reducing Expenses

When it comes to reducing the expense of electricity with children in the home you really have only two options: cut the lights or change the bulbs. It is difficult to cut the lights when you have a toddler scared of the dark or an older child who seems immune to the idea of turning anything off, be it their television, radio, or the lights.

That is why changing your light bulbs is the most effective option. Many parents run around behind their children trying to keep the lights turned out behind them, but let’s face reality. Few of us have the time or the patience for that!

Eco bulbs are a great alternative that will allow you to relax and see some improvements in your electric bill month after month.

Any type of lighting around your home that runs off of a standard light bulb can now be switched to a bulb that will suck less electricity up, delivering great cost savings in a relatively short period of time.

The Catch

There is always a catch to anything that promises to save you lots of money, right? The catch here is that you will only see substantial differences in your electric bill over time if you switch a majority of your home or the entire home to eco-friendly bulbs. Also, the savings are seen more over time rather than in the immediate future.

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