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Saving money is easier than you think. By making a few easy switches you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year. To save money without making sacrifices, here’s how to:

Save Money on Energy Costs

Reduce your energy consumption: call your local utility company and ask about what free energy conservation products and services they offer. Most utility companies offer free energy audits and some even give away energy-saving devices including low-flow shower heads, CF bulbs and water heater blankets.

Heat your home for free: You can gather free firewood from any of 155 national forests. Get a permit by first contacting your local USDA forest service, A permit allows you to collect up to 6 cords of downed and dead wood which can save almost $1,000 when wood is $150/cord. Save on your water bill by installing a low-flow shower head in your shower and a water restrictor in your toilet to save thousands of gallons of water a year.

Save Money on Home and Health Care Products

Get free money by taking advantage of rebate/refund offers. Many companies offer rebates instead of more direct discounts because only 40% of consumers actually claim their rebates. By claiming your share you could save hundreds of dollars each year. Get free health and beauty items at the drugstore. Ask for free samples at the cosmetic counter, where they offer free “try before you buy” samples of cosmetics, colognes, and skin care products.

Save big on grooming costs at cosmetology schools. Have your hair cut or your manicure done at a cosmetology school to save about 60%. Students are closely supervised by expert instructors to insure they deliver a professional-level service. Save on dental care at dental hygiene schools.Orthodontics, routine cleanings and more are offered at 56 dental school clinics around the U.S. at savings of up to 60% over regular dentists.

Save Money on Electronics, Clothing and More

Quality electronics, clothing and more can be found on-line for up to 90% off brick-and-mortar retail store prices. By buying on-line you save on sales tax, too, because Internet purchases are not subject to sales tax. Factory-refurbished electronics are not only rigorously tested before they are re-sold but they can also be still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. Refurbished electronics have a very low defect rate because they are subject to rigorous testing before returning to the market.

Everyday household items including pots, pans, knives, even kitchen appliances can be found at overstock retailers (like Overstock.com) for 40-80% off manufacturer prices. Also look for home products, books, videos, furniture and sporting goods. Designer clothing can be found at bargain basement prices at places like Classic closeouts.com where they sell brand-name clothing at up to 90% off retail.

Save Money on Books

Book lovers will have a blast buying from closeout and overstock retailers at prices of up to 90% off. Prefer not to buy? Indulge your love of books by reading books on-line for free at Internet public libraries which offer down-loadable and printable books to read without ever leaving home.

Even in a down economy (or during a personal financial crunch) you can still enjoy the little luxuries in life by taking advantage of many free and reduced-cost goods and services available for the asking.

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Sarah V. Morris

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