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People are wising up to the fact that non-renewable sources of energy will eventually run out. Thus, the green movement, which promotes more earth friendly options, has flourished. From green buildings to hybrid vehicles to sustainable farming practices to going organic, there’s many ways to go green. One of the best ways to go green is to choose a more eco-friendly transportation method.

Hybrid vehicles are growing in popularity and a large number of people all over the world are looking to buy these vehicles or starting to consider them more. Hybrid vehicles generally combine two sources of power for a vehicles, often with regular gas as the backup option. Some vehicles use CNG (compressed natural gas) as fuel, and these have very low emissions. Similarly, in Asian countries, a lot of vehicles have a LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) kit installed in them. This costs less than gas and the emissions are almost negligible. Electric vehicles are also growing in popularity. One may have to compromise on speed with these vehicles but they can be easily charged and electricity is much cheaper than gas or other energy options. The future may even see cars and vehicles running on solar energy. A lot of research is going into solar and sometime soon you just might see solar powered vehicles make their way on to the market.

In some countries, the concept of ‘green trains’ has been introduced. These trains use permanent magnet motors that provide increased propulsion chain efficiency. Along with this, the traction energy is also reduced and less harm is caused to the environment. The operating cost of these trains is also relatively low and this is perhaps the reason why many new trains are based on this concept.

The standard public modes of transportation are also being given serious consideration by the governments of various countries across the globe. In some countries, old buses are being replaced by newer ones that operate on CNG or LPG. In some urban cities, the government has placed a fine on those vehicles that do not pass the pollution check test.

Not only are these vehicles eco friendly, but many also have a low operating cost. More eco-friendly cars are becoming available and as the years go by, prices seem to be coming down. At present, only a few companies manufacture eco-friendly cars, but as the market grows, more companies will start manufacturing ‘green vehicles’. The world is certainly taking an interest in reducing the pollution caused due to vehicles that run on diesel and gas. Much research is being carried out and new models of eco-friendly transportation are being developed all the time.

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