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It was not that long ago that this was to be the “Jetson-age” with flying cars and push-of-the-button home cooked meals. While, these are possibilities, they are not yet mainstreamed into society. What is a mainstream is the need for conservation via recycling, reusing, and renewing our various resources. The Earth is such a precious commodity, and we are destroying it at breakneck speed. For many of us, this is a worrisome feat, but one that we feel helpless to change. After all, what can one person do?

The answer is: gardening organically. Investing in a composter allows for kitchen waste to be decomposed into nutrient-rich soil to be used in producing healthy fruits and vegetables. Investing in rain barrels allows for precious water, free of the pollutants placed in it from the cities and municipalities, to be collected and used again to water our plants and yards. Investing in insect repellents that are organic and non-toxic will allow you to feed your family with peace of mind- after all, you are feeding them food grown without being covered in chemicals.

My grandfather’s garden was tucked behind the side of the house. But, he had packed it full of green beans, potatoes, peppers, corn, and my favorite- tomatoes. He had other goods that he grew on a regular basis and a few that he experimented with each year. Yet, my memories of this garden are not of the produce but the time spent with him caring for the fruits and vegetables. This gardening time was a way to form relationships with each other and the land we live. As my daughter is turning three, she has enjoyed working in both our garden and her grandparents’ gardens. We are continuing the tradition of forming relationships with each other and the land, all surrounded by the fruits of our labor.

There was a time when we depended more so on the grocery stores to choose our fruits and vegetables. Gardening took to the back seat of convenience and ease. Yet in the financial crunch and the environmental push, what will become of gardening: it will make a dramatic come back! Gardens will begin popping up in everyone’s backyards or on their small patio areas, again. Why? Simply because we have come full circle: in this time that has turned out to be “not-so-Jetson,” we have discovered that the Earth is a beautiful, life-sustaining planet that we must preserve, one person at a time. Gardening can take place whether you have one small planting pot available or hundreds of acres. It is not the space that is necessary, but the time and the desire to make a difference. Gardening will once again become a necessity in our future lives.

Where do you start? What supplies do you need to not only garden, but to garden in an environmentally-friendly way? Check out to meet all of your gardening needs.

Mother Earth Gardening: Organic Gardening for Outdoor Living Spaces

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