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Green living is very popular these days for many reasons. One is that people just want to be more responsible to the environment. Another reason, is green living can be less expensive, and can even lead to certain tax incentives. One of the easiest ways to live more green is to watch your purchases; more specifically the packaging that your products come in. This article will give you five tips you can use in order to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment through product packaging.

One, try to buy fresh food that does not come already packaged. You can place fruits, vegetables and other produce in your cart without using the plastic bags in your produce department. Even better, if you have bags from another shopping trip, use those.

Second, try to avoid items that are packaged individually like juice and soda. Use a thermos or some other container to pour these items in, and then you are only having to buy one container.

Third, try to buy items that come in recyclable materials like glass. Try to avoid any plastic that cannot be recycled through your local recyle center. More and more communities are able to recycle plastic containers like milk jugs, but you will need to check with your local waste disposal system to see.

Fourth, try to avoid aerosol cans if possible because these cannot be recycled. For many aerosol products, there usually can be found the same product in a pump-action container. These are better alternatives because they can be recycled, and you do not have to worry about the harmful pollutants found in aerosol cans. Most products in pump action containers are made from recyclable material.

Fifth, try to take your own canvas bag, shopping bag or some other kind of bag with you to the store to do your shopping. Many stores are now offering these for purchase to use in their stores, but you can bring your own from home if you like. If you do not bring your own bag and you are given the alternative between paper and plastic bags, then choose paper. It is easier to recycle or can be used in compost bins.

Keep in mind that not all packaging is bad; even if it cannot be recycled. For example, some bulky packaging can help certain products from being damaged in shipment which reduces waste of a product. It may also help to be able to package a higher quantity of product in a package. This has a residual effect because it can mean fewer packages being produced and less trucks transporting them. So, do not criticize all forms of packaging. Just do your research and compare when you are shopping with your new set of “green” lenses that you are now looking through.

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