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Ten fast and easy tips to begin enjoying a greener life style today.It is really easy to experience feelings of helplessness and frustration in the face of persistent daily news articles about global warming, environmental contamination and waning biodiversity. All the same, there are a number of easy steps each one of us us can take now, right this minute, to help reduce the damaging impact we are having upon the Earth.

Here is a list of ten things you are able to do today to help improve our environment and begin enjoying a greener life style:

1) Go out and purchase energy efficient fluorescent bulbs to replace the ordinary lights in your home. It may cost you a bit extra upfront, but energy saving fluorescent lighting can save in both energy costs and they also last much longer than everyday light bulbs. An individual 60 to 100 watt bulb will save you $40 to $45 on energy expenses during the lifespan of the bulb.

2) Lower the heat (or do not adjust your air conditioner so high). Every degree hotter you adjust your thermostat during the summertime, and every degree cooler you set it during the winter, may save in both energy consumption and expenses. Approximately two percent savings per degree.

3) Make your next meal a vegetarian one. Meat production is a resource-intensive business sector that consumes as much as eight times the fuel consumption of fruit and vegetable farming. It also creates a lot more environmental contamination, including, in the case of cattle, the greenhouse gas methane.

4) Find your closest farmers market, and arrange to shop there the next time you require groceries. You will be able to locate the farmers markets closest to you by exploring the USDA internet directory at (Or your countries equivalent by doing a web search).

5) Switch off your computer when you finish work for the evening, and disconnect your coffee pot or kettle when you have finished breakfast. Appliances consume electricity even when they are switched off but remain plugged in. Television and DVD players also use power when they are left on ‘standby.’

6) Save your kitchen scraps for a compost heap rather than throwing them away in the trash. Anything that’s not a meat, fish or dairy product, which includes coffee grounds, washing lint, egg shells, fruit skins and vegetable peelings, can go towards creating a healthy compost for your garden.

7) Purchase a dryer wrack for your washing room, and use it rather than your electric dryer the next time you do the washing. Always using an electric dryer uses a great deal of electricity.

8) Begin the habit of shopping for two. Whenever you go out for lunch, or take a trip to the store, inquire with your colleagues or neighbors if there’s anything you will be able to get for them as well. They will save time and you will assist eliminate a couple of unneeded car journeys.

9) Undertake some home maintenance. Check your water heater to make certain it’s adjusted to 120 degrees (a lot are adjusted higher, which uses extra energy and increases the danger of scalding), clean or change the air filters in your ventilation system, and hoover the cooling grid behind your refrigerator to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible.

10) Sign up to newsletters that can help keep you informed about different ways in which you are able to help save the planet day-after-day. The Union of Concerned Scientists ( provides both an Action Network e-mail newsletter for worried citizens and a Green Tips newsletter for conscientious consumers. Ideal Bite ( sends daily emails with green living tips and ideas and product reviews. And The Green Guide ( offers newsletters each week about green homes, green living and environmental health.

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