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Everyone wants to do their part to contribute to the environment and make Earth a better place. One great way to start in a very practical sense is right in your own backyard. Following are some strategies on how to create an environmentally friendly and a beautiful yard in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The temperature and average yearly rainfall in this part of the country can make landscaping your yard challenging. The heat in the summer months as well as the dryness makes it nearly impossible to grow some of the popular plants that thrive in wetter, cooler climates. Your best bet (and this is better for the environment as well) is to grow native plants that will be adapted to the specific climate and soils of North Texas. One native grass is buffalo grass, found throughout the southern plants. This requires very little water. Native plants are known to need less water and have stronger colors than non-native plants. The native plants will also enjoy the very climate that the non-native plants have trouble growing in. After you seed your yard, pick a variety of plants that can go many days without watering. These types of plant are known as drought-resistant plants, and can be found at any home improvement store.  

Better Plants for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area  

Many plants will be right at home in the climate and soil conditions of North Texas. Bee Balm is a plant that flowers first in the late spring than in the summer. Best known for attracting bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies, Bee Balm is a great option for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A local nursery can be another great source of information on what to plant in your local area. Fruit trees are another good option for this area as well as pecan trees, popular for their nuts. 

Some of the local flowers are available in white, pink, lavender and burgundy. Daylilies are also a good option for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. These are larger flowers with six petals. They come in everything from light yellow to dark red. Although many daylilies only flower in the morning, some species stay open until evening depending on the type of flower and the location.  

Find New Watering Strategies  

When you water your yard, it is important to try to water in such a way that it is environmentally friendly. You can conserve water, save money, and have a beautiful yard all at once. Once consideration is that if you have a big garden, you may want to consider a drip irrigation system for your plants. Using any of the hand watering methods such as a sprinkler, watering can, or house is not really the best way to water plants. You lose water to evaporation when you use these methods. Drip irrigation provides a reliable source of water to your plants with minimal water loss.

Another really great way to conserve water is to capture your own rain water for use on plants. Some people opt to make their own rain barrel, while others purchase a rain water harvesting system. It is neat to see how much water can be acquired during a single rainy afternoon. These are both good options for keeping a healthy garden while saving money and conserving water.

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