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There has been no other time in history when so many people have been so dedicated to conserving energy and reducing their utility bills. With rising energy costs and global warming, conserving energy has never been so important in most of our lives. If you are dedicated to cultivating a greener lifestyle and lowering your utility bills in the process, here are some helpful tips and bits of advice that can help you cut down on your energy use.

Dial down your thermostat in winter

What does it mean to dial down your thermostat? Dialing down your thermostat in winter refers to the act of reducing the temperature in your home in order to conserve heating fuel. This concept is simple enough: the best way to conserve energy is simply by not using so much of it. You would probably be surprised how much you can save simply by dialing your thermostat two or three degrees from your normal temperature. Simply dialing down your thermostat one degree makes a difference. If you dial down one degree in winter, this will generally result in about one to three percent less fuel use, which corresponds to about one to three percent less fuel use which is reflected on your utility bill. In order to stay comfortably cool in the winter, slip on a sweater. At night, cover up with more blankets. This form of personal insulation is a great and efficient way to retain your personal body heat.

Come Summer, Dial Up

Just as you might dial down during the winter, the concept of dialing down can be simply reversed for the summer months. Dialing up is a great way to help conserve energy and reduce the cost of cooling your home during the hot summer months. As with the cold winter months, you want to dial up a few degrees and adjust your clothing for the warmer weather. Make sure to dial up your thermostat for when you plan to be away from the house.

For larger homes, make sure to close empty rooms

If you occupy a larger home or there are many rooms in your house that aren’t currently being used, make sure to shut the doors to rooms. This can help reduce the demand on your heating and cooling system and help keep the rest of the house at a moderate and comfortable temperature. Remember that the less space that needs to be supplied with cool or warm air, the less you will need to spend on energy costs.

Check that your home is well-insulated

You would be surprised what lurks in your home. If your home is not well-insulated, you may easily be losing hundreds of dollars or more each year on keeping your home warm or cool. Check for cracks in the foundation, thin walls or other features that may be keeping your home from staying cool or warm. You can have an expert perform an energy audit on your apartment or home and give you tips on how your specific living area can be better insulated for retaining a comfortable temperature.

Switch to energy efficient lighting fixtures

Most of us already know about the benefits of switching to fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are long-lasting and can save you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill over a year. Another great option that you can take advantage of is solar lighting. If you like to keep your house or yard lit throughout the night, consider switching to solar lighting. These lights use the sun’s warmth and energy to stay lit for several hours and can help save you money on your energy bill.

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