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Are you aspiring to be an energy assessor? Then this is the right time to live up to your dreams. In recent times the energy inspection industry is one of the booming areas of economy. It is also highly competitive.

The natural gas and utility rates in the United States is rising day by day. Therefore, the rental property owners and the homeowners are demanding good organization of power. So, this is the right time get energy assessor training in order to pursue a career in this field. A power auditor can draw a handsome salary as this is one of the demanding fields.

Where will you get the training?

Both private and government educational institutions provide training in this field. They offer an array of courses for domestic and commercial purposes. Enrolling in any of them will help you to fetch a certificate. At the end of the course you will get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The certificate offered will help you in the long run of your career.

Importance of a certificate

Your certificate as a power assessor gives you credibility. It bears proof of the fact that you have experience. With your skilled expertise you have satisfied customers. It also distinguishes you from the other non-certified peers in this field. Hence, it also creates demand for your services and drives up your wages.

Customers by viewing your certificate will understand that you will not only underwent a training course but also did an additional training in order to obtain a certificate in this particular field. Hence, the customers will value you. They will come to understand about your interest to help the homeowners become more energy efficient.


The course varies according to institutions offering them. You can choose form among the commercial and domestic energy assessor courses. Some agencies may teach you how to conduct energy audits. This will raise your value as utility provider or repair person or as a well organized power auditor. The courses center round the following points:

* On site certification
* Guaranteed job placements
* Small practical workshops
* Teaches you to how to stay focused in your business and how to market it
* Conducting training courses both on weekdays and weekends
* Principles of heat transfer and their impact on the unit

So fulfill your dream of becoming an energy assessor. You can draw attractive fees for your service deliveries. This is the right time to make a career in this field as there is a high demand for power auditors.

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