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Yesterday, I was part of a conversation where the main topic being discussed was the reasons to go eco-friendly. Now, while many of us have always been ignoring this, let me tell you this is significantly important – for us as well as for the generations to come.

During the conversation, there were people having all sorts of views and opinions. Let me share a few highlights. One of the most important reasons to go eco-friendly is to save the natural resources from depleting. Take toilet paper for example. It consumes a lot of trees to prepare the soft and fluffy toilet paper that we all prefer to use.

On the contrary there are better alternatives like the tissue prepared from recycled paper. But unfortunately it does not have many takers. Saving trees from getting cut – tops in the list of reasons to go eco-friendly. Saving water is another important one on this list. Remember, water is the basis of every life form. It being such a vital resource should never be wasted.

Though many of us understand this and take the proper care to ensure that it is not wasted, the fact is that there is not much that every one of us is doing to make sure that it is not polluted either. No water or polluted water – both are dangerous for life forms.

You can contribute to the environment’s health by purifying the water that reaches your home and ensuring that it is filtered before you consume it. This way you will save the same contaminants from going back into the environment and will save yourself from various health ailments too.

The reasons to go eco-friendly can be many but the important thing is to follow them religiously. Even little actions like saying no to plastic bottles can contribute significantly to the environment. These bottles are painful to be disposed of and are filling up all the landfills.

Instead if an eco friendly container like the ones made up from stainless steel or glass is used, it can tremendously help in reducing the environmental pollution.

Like I said, there can be various reasons to go eco-friendly; after all it is our responsibility to handover a cleaner and safer environment to our generations to come. Isn’t it?

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