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It’s something that anyone who pays bills will want to know, how to reduce home energy bills. Those costs seem to rise up and at the worse times. But with very simple ways you will be able to cut those bills down a lot.

Most of these ideas will not even cost you money to do, while others will cost some money. But when you get those cheaper bills you won’t mind putting the money out. First off you should have a home energy audit done, most power companies will provide this service free of charge, and give you ideas on how to save.

Adjust your thermostat by only two degrees; in this method you will be able to save 24 kilowatt/hrs per month. It will add up after a bit of time, though it doesn’t sound like much. Get a thermostat that you can program. That way when you are gone during the day your system will not be running. Have it so that it will turn on about a half hour before you are due to get home.

Any water faucet that is leaking should be fixed immediately. A drop of water can cost you 20 kilowatts each month. Add in extra insulation to your attic; get the energy efficient kind because it will help keep the house cooler in summer, and hot in winter.

Adjusting your water heater down just 10 degrees will save money too. Make sure that you don’t put it under 120 degrees though. This will be able to save you around 25 kilowatts/hr each month. Around your doors and windows add some weather stripping. This will keep those drafts of air from coming into your home.

When you buy appliances try and get only ones that have the energy star label on them. These will save you a nice amount of money per month. Buying light bulbs that are fluorescent will assist in cutting down on your bills.

So many ideas will help you save money on your home energy bills each month. When you leave a room turn off the lights, and during the day if your home, use the outside lights instead of turning on anything in the home.

Cutting down on those costs may take a bit of time to get use too, but it can be done. If you have children, you may have to put a sign up on certain things to remind them about the cost saving ideas.

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Author: Gerald Tommey
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