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The rain has been incessantly falling over the past few days. If it is not raining, it is incredibly cold, certainly not typical Texas weather! Yet it only reiterates the fact that it is imperative that we begin working towards saving that which falls so plentifully- rain! The question is how much water do you typically use now without the use of rain barrels?

To answer this question, check out your utility bills: one CCF equals 100 cubic feet of water, which is equivalent to 748 gallons. Plus, up to 50% or more of your water bill in the dry months comes from watering your garden. Compare the various months, looking specifically at the dry months in comparison to the rainy season. You will be able to estimate how much water usage is specifically for your garden. Now, instead of wishing away the rain – we are suddenly thankful for these months when a few more dollars stay in our pockets. Yet, what if we could keep those extra dollars even in the dry, summer months? What if we could collect the rain to use at a later time?

Rain barrels collect rain water running off the roofs of houses, which picks up very little contamination. The chemicals and hard water from many of our municipal water systems can produce an imbalance in the soil of your garden. Chemical fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, and drought can also disrupt the balance of the soil, which in turn causes trees and plants to weaken.

You can continually use this collection of water through out the dry summer months that currently eat away at your bank account. Think of what could be done with the savings! So, it is “Rain, Rain Go Away,” no more! Instead, we want that rain to continue to pour, so we can do our part and collect it for the greater good.

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Chris Ann Stroech

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