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Plug that gaping hole in your wall!
One economical solution to save on energy bills is to make your home more energy efficient. According to The Rocky Mountain Institute the average US home has enough holes cracks and crevices to make up the equivalent of a 16 square foot hole in the wall! Air leaks could run your bill costs up by as much as 40%!

As energy prices continue to rise people are looking for alternative ways to save on energy bills. The most economical way you can do this is by filling in all those draughty holes.

Where do I start?
You begin by walking around your property and completing a Home Energy Audit this is basically a list of cracks crevices and holes that need filling. Below I have an example of where to look for those holes. Then simply grab your sealing gun and reduce your energy bills by up to 40%!

My check list of where to look for those nasty cracks and holes

Around window frames and check weather seals
Doors – add or renew weather seals
Fire Places
Attics -before you add Insulation seal the following
Plumbing vent stacks and pipes
Electrical, Plumbing and Chimney chases
Open tops of partition walls
Attic Hatches
Gaps around duct work
Bath fans
Basement and or Crawl space
Seal all heating ducts with a fibreglass mesh and mastic or foil tape

Look for any holes around plumbing, electrics and drainage.

Added Bonus!
Sealing all or most of your holes will reduce your carbon footprint and help against condensation.

Ask for a grant for your loft insulation
After you have completed the check list it’s also a good idea to bring your loft insulation up to standard, consult your government guide lines for loft insulation and inquire about a grant!

For more information on completing your home energy audit and how you can claim your free guide with templates visit []

Website also includes new articles on renewable energy systems and reviews on diy energy systems.

Author: Ronald Barrow
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Provided by: Duty on LCD/Plasma TV

Ronald Barrow

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