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The idea of mixing thoughts with actions is not new. For years, researchers proclaimed thoughts precede actions. In order to accomplish goals one must first decided to change how they believe on a specific subject. Think, feel and behave is the order of action in humans.

In order to change society’s view of going green the first place to start is by changing how a person thinks in regards to the environment, themselves and others. Lasting change in our world will only be accomplished when a negative or complacent attitude is turned into a positive attitude.

People can’t be force to comply with green ideas. Yes, society may be forced by law to change a few habits but lasting change will only occur when the beliefs are permanently changed.

How do you encourage another person to believe as you believe? Force will not work, manipulation is not in order but the fact remains the world needs change in order to live healthy and safe.

One place to start is education. If an individual is to change a belief the prior belief must be forsaken and replaced with another. Educate the public from a positive standpoint instead of a negative standpoint. Yes, warning and harping on a specific subject like air quality will change a few opinions. However, to change millions they must first recognize the problem then be given options. Suggestions will go further than demands.

Let’s pass laws in regards to going green but at the same time provide positive reasons as to why the laws are being passed.

Let me say this again, when a person’s belief is changed it changes the person. So, let us work on ways to educate and retrain individual’s attitudes from negative to positive in regards to going green.

Dr Bob is President and co-founder of Going Green for Life – “Nature’s Solution for Living.” He also produces all natural cleaning products for your car and home. He is committed to providing the world with eco-friendly, all natural products as an alternative to toxic chemicals. He is also committed to providing education, inspiration and information about how to change to a green life style. You will love his website.

Author: Dr Bob Wilkerson
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Dr Bob Wilkerson

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