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Economic problems are forcing many people to find new ways of cutting cost. In many regions, outdoor gardens and plants are the first to go because of high watering costs. Beautiful outdoor gardens and landscapes may be a thing of the past if a solution isn’t found and implemented in the near future. Lush green lawns have seen their downfall in many areas that have dry climates. A simple rain harvesting system using water barrels could just be the answer to this generation’s irrigation issues. Barrels and cisterns were used centuries ago for trapping rain water. Harvested water was used for everyday household needs including cooking, washing, and growing vegetable and fruit gardens.

Even though our need for water isn’t as extreme as it once was we should still find ways of cutting back without having to give up on our way of life. Rain is a free natural resource and we can choose to harvest it for many reasons including a way to cut cost of living or to lessen our dependency on municipal water. A rain barrel is an excellent way to start use a small change and make a large impact that helps preserve our planet. The water that we trapped in barrels is clean and free of chemicals. By trapping it, we are reducing the water that ends up in storm water systems. In its travels, rain water becomes contaminated with chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers which then end up in retention ponds, lakes, and rivers. All of this can be reduced or prevented with the installation of a water barrel.

Collected water can be used in many different ways. Plants and vegetables don’t thrive as well when watered with treated municipal water. Water in barrels is clean of chemicals but not clean enough to drink. It is however, excellent for growing a garden with plants, vegetables, or fruits. You can also use rain for cleaning purposes like washing a car or windows. You can trap enough water to never need municipal water for all of your outdoor watering needs.

How much water can you trap in a water barrel? The amount of water will depend on a few factors, the first being how much rain does your area get? Second, how big is your roof? Third, how many barrels and what size barrel you choose? It is pretty simple to determine all of these factors. If your area sees significant rainfall and most of the water coming down is running off your property to the streets then you can definitely benefit by installing a barrel system. If you live in a dry climate with very little rainfall then the benefit is still there and the water you trap can help you get through the dryer times. A home with about 2,000 sp. ft. of roof surface can save about 1,000 gallons of water for every one inch of rainfall. Factor the size of your home with the rainfall and you should have your answers. The barrels will enable you to trap as much of that water as you want. Install one or many, every little bit of water will help cut your cost as well as the environment.

For more information on how to harvest rainwater for your garden or to learn more about rain barrel plans and decor please visit our website.

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