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While many home appliances are included in the Energy Star program, which is a program funded by the government to help protect the environment by allowing people to return their old appliances to get new ones, sadly the clothes dryer is not an Energy Star candidate. The reason is that it consumes way too much electricity to qualify. So while many washing machines are Energy Start compliant, the clothes dryers are not.

However this doesn’t mean that you cannot improve the efficiency of your dryer at home to consume less electricity. Here are a few things you can do to improve the workings of your clothes dryer:

  • Avoid overloading your dryer with clothes but also avoid having it only partially loaded.
  • Try to use dryers with shorter vent hoses. If they are too long, it will take that much longer for the machine to dry your clothes.
  • Make a habit of running twice your clothes through the spin cycle. This will allow the unit to work better as it is known that too much moisture will take longer for the dryer to dry your clothes.
  • Clean your vents properly, both from inside and from the outside duct. Before each use, clean the lint screen. Proper cleaning avoids fire hazards which are so commonly occurring with too much lint that escaped the lint traps.
  • When you buy a new clothes dryer, even though not Energy Star compliant, you can still find energy saving pieces. What you need to do is look for the EnerGuide rating on the machine. If it has a rating of 898KWh/ year, it’s right now pretty much the most efficient one that you can get. On the other spectrum is the 950KWh per year, which right now is the lowest efficient.
  • Buy a unit that is automatic, meaning that it shuts off right away after the clothes are dry.
  • If you have less space in the room, buying one that is compact size will save you not only space but also energy, since this size usually uses less energy than a regular size one.

Dryer vent cleaning is a must for proper and long lasting functioning of your dryer the most efficient way. You can easily do that with a dryer vent brush which is quite cheap at places like Amazon.

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