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Eco-friendly wedding favors are fast growing in popularity and what a wonderful thing that is. To incorporate a green wedding theme into this special day speaks volumes about your commitment to the betterment of our environment. But that doesn’t mean that you want your wedding favors to be anything less than spectacular. So what are your options?

Plantable Favors:

Plantable favors come in many different shapes and styles such as hearts, butterflies, dragonflies, wedding cakes and more. Most of these favors allow you to personalize a tag that comes attached to each favor (the tag typically includes planting instructions too). These green-minded favors are typically made out of 100% recycled handmade paper and have flower seeds embedded in the paper (it is often referred to as ‘seed paper’.)

Related to plantable favors are plantable wedding invitations and plantable/eco-friendly thank you cards.

Bamboo Favors:

Because bamboo is considered sustainable forestry, favors made from bamboo (coasters, place card/photo holders) are considered eco-friendly.

Wine Cork Favors:

Same thing as bamboo – cork is considered sustainable forestry. In addition, most cork place cards use factory seconds so using these place cards is considered an eco-conscious thing to do. You can also purchase beverage coasters made out of wine cork.

Eco-friendly Gift Bags and Wine Bags:

If you are going to give a gift that is or isn’t eco-conscious, and it is going to be given in a gift bag – you can also choose eco-friendly gift bags made out of either recycled paper or made from materials considered sustainable (banana leaves, sinamay, jute, etc.)

If giving a gift of wine as your wedding favor – consider giving it in a bag that was made from recycled material or a jute (plant based fiber)which is considered another sustainable material.

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Debra Rosenberg, a party planner who believes in incorporating eco-friendly aspects in her parties, recommends these eco friendly wedding favors and these plantable favors offered at

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