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With energy efficiency becoming the need of the hour, Lighting Retrofits technology is gaining ground as the simplest energy solution with the highest potential to reduce carbon footprints and restore our planet to the green, pollution-free state that it once was.

Modern lifestyles do not always make it feasible to reduce energy consumption, especially in commercial facilities and office buildings that need to be fully-lit during most times of the day. However, simply retrofitting the lights in a building can bring about a world of difference in our lives as well as that of our environment.

Lighting Retrofits technology helps achieve environmental synergy through energy-efficient lighting fixtures installed at commercial centers, buildings and homes. Ordinary bulbs and light fixtures consume a huge load of electric energy that is roughly, three times the energy consumed by air conditioning units. For every $100 that home owners pay towards electricity, a wiser investment can be made in upgrading a home with Lighting Retrofits technology, thus reducing utility bills up to $60, and keeping aside the remaining $40 for later retrofits or other LED solutions.

Within the next twenty years, if all buildings in the United States are upgraded with Lighting Retrofits technology, the surging demand in lighting electricity can be reduced by as much as 33 percent, generating energy savings of around $265 billion.

In the United States, eco-friendly companies that have expertise in the energy smart industry, offer innovative retrofit lighting service for homes, commercial complex and other buildings, ensuring guaranteed energy cost savings and unbelievable positive cash flows. Free energy audits are conducted by these companies as part of their retrofit program since it helps them determine how much energy is being wasted and how much energy can be saved by making a building eco-friendly.

A guaranteed reduction in energy bills is the first and foremost benefit of a lighting retrofit program done by a reputable energy solutions company. A/C loads are reduced by 1 kilowatt for every 3 kilowatts of lighting energy saved ($150-200 per ton of A/C saved with LED cool technology). After the retrofit, these companies extend their offer to a complete LED lighting system at no cost along with immediate positive cash flows as well as five years of comprehensive free maintenance and protection plan.

If you have decided to upgrade your building, check out for companies that offer Green Lease Management Program (GLMP). According the GLMP, home owners or businesses are allowed to upgrade their existing facilities with state-of-the-art lighting technology with no money paid up-front and guaranteed savings. The GLMP provides an actual reduction in total cost of lighting including the electrical utility cost attributable to lighting. The GLMP also offers various financing options such as zero advance cost and most of these options last from one to ten years.

Of course, it goes without saying that the greatest benefit of Lighting Retrofits technology is to the environment. By adopting energy-efficient fixtures that eliminate mercury-laden lighting, the overall carbon footprint is drastically reduced and emissions controlled.

Sushant Shukla is a freelance writer. Energy Smart Industry brings Lighting Retrofits program for save energy with no out of pocket expense. Energy Smart Industry is a leading provider of Led Retrofitting for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

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