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As environmental issues become more mainstream, many of us are looking for ways to go green. There are so many things that the average person can do, and do with relative ease. Simple things like shutting the lights when you leave a room, or carpooling one day a week. Here are a few ideas you may not have thought of, but they are quite easy and you get a big green bang for your buck.

1.    Compost. By composting your kitchen scraps (no meat, dairy, or oils) and yard waste you can help to divert waste matter from the waste stream. According to the Environmental Protection Agency yard waste and kitchen scraps account for as much as 24 percent of the solid waste stream in the United States. Composting will also reward you with a healthy, nutritious amendment for your soil, at no additional cost.

2.    Rain Water Harvesting. You can harvest rain water with little to no effort by adding a rain barrel to your downspout, thereby collecting the rainwater that falls on your roof. To get a rough idea of how much rain water you can collect, multiply the length of your roof by the width to get the square footage of your roof. Then multiply the square footage by average annual rainfall. This water can be used for all your landscaping needs. Since that accounts for up to 70 percent of the average homeowners consumption of water, you can really make an impact here.

3.    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Yes, this one you’ve definitely heard before, but it is one of the most important things you can do to help reduce your environmental footprint. Reduce your consumption. Reuse what you can. Recycle the rest. This will ultimately make for less waste.

These are some of the easiest, most effective things you can do to go green and help the environment and green yourself!

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Author: Graham Allmanson
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Graham Allmanson

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