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For the eco-minded party giver the last few years has shown an explosion of green-minded products. Not to be overlooked are eco friendly invitations. 

Sending out these invitations is a lovely and subtle declaration of your eco conscious efforts. But just because you are eco conscious doesn’t mean that your invitations shouldn’t be attractive and reflective of your personal style.

My three favorite types of eco friendly invitations are all ‘plantable’, meaning that they are made out of recycled paper that has been embedded with wildflower seeds.

1)      Turn Plantable Favor into the Invitation itself. Whether for Bridal or Baby Shower, plantable favors come in wonderful shapes: bridal gowns, wedding cakes, cupcakes, baby rattles, carriages, etc. Most lay on a card that allow for personalization – you can easily including the shower details on these card. Simply purchase the matching envelopes and you will have clever, affordable, and eco friendly invitations.

2)      Plantable Bookmarks allow you to personalize the printed text on the bookmark. There is plenty of room for you to include all the pertinent information. It is a thoughtful and practical gift. The only ‘catch’ with this option is that you’ll need to purchase your own envelopes which will, in all likelihood, not be a perfect fit. A great option is to select a box of plain notecards (perhaps with a design or image on front) that is wide enough to accommodate the bookmark. Simply put the bookmark inside the card and write a short, personal message such as “Hope to see you on the 12th!”

3)      Traditional Plantable Invitations. These invitations feature a piece of plantable paper (your choice of color) with a printed, vellum overlay that includes all the elements of a regular invitation. It is attached to the plantable seed paper by either a wax seal or ribbon.

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Deb Rosenberg is an event planner and recommends these Plantable Favors and plantable invitations from DivaEntertains.com

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Deb Rosenberg

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