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The old fashion rain barrel was usually placed under the roof gutters of a lot of homes. It was used to collect the rain water so that it could then be recycled at a future time. This water was often used for watering gardens, keeping lawns from drying out and even for washing clothes. Just think of the times that we complain that is always raining, raining and raining. The next month we are complaining of no rain. Doesn’t it seem to make sense to simply collect the excess rain in a barrel so that it can be reused when everything is parched? Dried up flower beds and brown lawns are not a pretty sight.

We read about the effect of droughts across various parts of the country. Some communities have even tried to ration water; no grass watering, no car washing etc.

Many vegetable gardens are underdeveloped because of a lack of water. Fields of corn, wheat and hay are definitely shrinking just because of insufficient rain during the growing season. Yet, at the same time, severe storms produce an abundance of rain water in such a short period of time that most of it simply cannot be absorbed into the ground; it has no choice but to overloads the storm sewers.

We must all realize that conservation of fresh water is a must. Some independent testing that has been done that seem to suggest that animals thrive on rainwater. They say that clothes washed in rain water will be cleaner and softer. Tomato, pepper, cucumber plants will all prosper when they are watered with rainwater. And, your water and sewage bill will decrease when you add recycled rainwater to your daily water usage.

So why not give it a try? Our parents and grandparents did a lot of thing out of necessity. They knew the importance of conservation. Maybe we should all begin to follow in their footsteps.

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Author: Jonathan R Richards
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Jonathan R Richards

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