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Where does the energy we use at home come from? For most of us it is from fossil fuels. We use it to heat our homes power our appliances and cook our food. We get all this from coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power, all these energy sources come with a price, not only to our wallets, but the pollution, fragile ecosystems and ultimately global warming.
Modern living has increased our life expectancy and the world population is booming, putting enormous strain on these resources, which are running out fast. There is light at the end of the tunnel, an energy efficient light, one that is powered by nature itself.

We have many choices to make our homes more energy efficient and be less dependent on fossil fuels, and make the transition to clean renewable energy at home.

If you are considering building a new home, it would make a lot of sense to incorporate energy saving devices into your design. One of the most basic is to install a Solar Heater to help reduce the cost of heating and cooling. If you live in any conventional house there are ways to reduce that energy bill.

Be frugal, this means behavior towards our actions that reduces energy use. For example: turning off lights and electrical appliances in unoccupied rooms and taking shorter showers, to reduce hot water usage.

Be more efficient, this is where we squeeze as much energy from the energy suppliers as possible. By adding extra insulation and purchasing energy efficient appliances.

Even trying to hold on to your old computer is an energy waster; rather trade it in for a more efficient model. Technology is constantly evolving, changing your appliances at least every 3 to 5 years. Make additions to your home that involves, Solar Heaters, and Solar Panels could be beneficial to you in the form of financial incentives from the local authority can reduce the need for additional capacity.

Heating and cooling amounts to the largest energy consumption and it stands at 44% of the yearly average energy bill. A great way to find out where you can save energy is to have an energy audit done, this report will show you where you can save energy, and by following the advice you will save even more over time.

Now is the time, Solar and Wind energy products are much more available than ever before and are much more affordable. The federal government is offering tax credits for home energy improvements. Although you have to spend money to do these improvements, you will see a return the moment it is installed. Remember it is an investment to your property, and is likely to reach a much higher selling price than a property without any energy improvements.

Take a close look at your options and figure out what technologies would make the most sense for your home. Then go ahead! And start saving money, and do your bit to help save the environment.


Author: Pascal Grobler
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Pascal Grobler

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