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This physiological state of mind, is in part what helps environmental preservation issues become an ideology that is based in the goal’s and the approach to meet those. It also has philosophical ramifications that makes it a strong movement with political ramifications.

The ideology path proposes a hypothetical explanation of the causes of catastrophes and it’s consequences on the environment, that with careful study observation and test the steps for saving the environment are born. After this scientific process is made, the illustration of the theory and fact are presented to the public along with the prevention and protective steps. And that is how it becomes a social movement.

This movement has brought us great innovations and ideas for preservation. Some of them simple and inexpensive, and some other require more consideration and investments. Such is the Case for photovoltaics and star energy products to solve some of the electric Spence’s of home and buildings of today’s society.

The basics of Photovoltaics, is the conversion of solar rays in to electricity, with the use of monocrystalline, polocrystalline, and microcrystalline silicon, also, cadmium telludire and copper indium sulfide. Of course the science of photovoltaics is changing dramatically every day due to the demand for renewable energy devices, but the ramifications of it and it’s use is reaching even developing countries like India and Cuba. It seems an no brain er idea to adapt for the richer countries as well.

Power cost will depend directly on the average cloudiness of every region, as the main ingredient to generate electricity through photovoltaics is the sun rays. One of the goals of the environmental movement is to lower greenhouse emissions, and only the development of renewable sources can diminish the current carbon and greenhouses emissions.

The cost of photovoltaics is high, and it depends on many factors, some of this cost can be tackle by larger governmental stimulus, and direct help from solvent companies. The most important aspect of photovoltaics use and installation to lower it’s cost, raise it’s efficacy and prevent miss use or waste is to install them in locations where the most solar rays can be capture and store, and leave cloudy locations for another type of renewable energy project. Other ideas for renewable energy practices are Star Energy and non-fossil-fuel are among the large innovative ideas.

The object to energy star and all the other ideas, is to help the consumer and home owner find the better house appliances and energy related devices, help them look for the devices that have earned Energy Star at the same time lower the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions.

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