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We have got used to relying on a whole range of chemical products for the cleaning of our homes and offices without paying attention to how harmful such substances can be for the health or the environment. Paint, oil, grease, germs, stains and blotches are the nightmare of cleaning and the enemies of good health, and people use very powerful agents to eliminate the problem. Given the immense environmental problems, some companies have taken up manufacturing cleaning products which are eco-friendly. Organic solvents and powerful cleaning agents can also be derived from vegetables and plant ingredients, and here we have the solution for eco-friendly cleaning.

It is false to assume that these cleaning products cannot eliminate resistant spots and stains such as nail polish, wax, ball-point ink, glue, resins or dyes from solid or textile surfaces. Even in the absence of toxic solvents, there is no compromise in terms of efficiency, because high-quality earth friendly cleaning solutions do a great job. We try to clean and remove the dirt that surrounds us by soiling air and water. What are the advantages of switching to a cleaning which is eco-friendly? If you take it up you can say goodbye to chemicals and toxic fumes from your home.

There will be less health hazards for children and babies who may come in contact with toxic cleaning residues. Nor will there be any more fumes from spray bottles. Poisons should be a no-no in our lives. You can eliminate the hazardous substances by using household pickup days, and replacing them with safer versions. Eco-friendly cleaning equals a safer environment for your children. Moreover, the fewer chemicals you use, the fewer toxic materials will be evacuated in the waste water stream. If you don’t have green friendly cleaning products ready-made for a certain task, there are homemade solutions available too.

You can find eco-friendly cleaning tips on the Internet as many web sites promote green cleaning. Further try to change the cleaning accessories too, and replace them with some natural ones. Sponges, mops and rags should be all natural and reusable. Be careful about the durability of the products, about their health and environmental impact. Major savings will also come together with such changes too.

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Author: Dani Waser
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