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Here’s a challenge for you: implement 12 (more) of these energy conservation products and strategies over the next year. Take another step toward energy independence.

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  2. Install a motion / occupancy sensor in a room that you go in and out of frequently at night.
  3. Switch to LED night lights, they use a fraction of the energy that standard night lights do.
  4. Unplug your alarm clock and keep your cell phone next to your bed at night.
  5. Turn off the, lights and go to bed early, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  6. Turn off the TV and read a book instead. Save electricity and engage your mind.
  7. Use a clothes dryer heat saver in the winter. Don’t send the heat from your dryer outside, use it to help heat your house.
  8. Line dry your laundry and avoid using your dryer altogether.
  9. Plug all of your electronics: TV, VCR, DVD, stereo, computer, printer, cable router, network router into a power strip and turn the power strip off at night.
  10. Replace incandescent bulbs with CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamps.)
  11. Turn down your thermostat in the winter. 68 to66 degrees is recommended.
  12. Turn up your thermostat in the summer. 76 to 87 degrees is recommended.
  13. Clean the condensing coil of your refrigerator.
  14. Buy an Energy Star refrigerator. Your rerfigerator is typically the single largest energy user in your house.
  15. Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer.
  16. Turn off your computer when you are not using it.
  17. Turn off your printer except when you are using it.
  18. Turn off your monitor too.
  19. Same goes for your speakers. Save by turning off these electrical vampires.
  20. Buy a new computer since they use a lot less electricity than older ones.
  21. Same goes for flat screen monitors vs. CRT monitors. CRT monitors are huge energy hogs.
  22. Upgrade to Windows Vista or 7, they have a “Sleep” function. Oh, yeah – Use it.
  23. Allow food to cool to room temperature before you put them in the refrigerator. Don’t make your refrigerator work any harder than it needs to.
  24. Keep a pitcher of your favorite beverage in the refrigerator instead of using ice. It takes more energy to freeze water than to just keep it cool.
  25. Insulate your attic and walls to the proper level. Typically R-60 in the attic and R-20 n ithe walls.
  26. Insulate the extra refrigerator or freezer in your garage or basement.
  27. Crank the thermostat down another 4 degrees at night and turn on an electric blanket. Turn it on just long enough to warm up your bed or at least keep it on the low setting.
  28. Move your kids into one bedroom in the winter and close off the registers in the empty ones.
  29. Let your furry friends sleep on your bed in the winter. They can sure help to keep you nice and toasty warm.
  30. Get rid of grandma’s refrigerator or freezer that you have in the basement or garage.
  31. Install a programmable thermostat: lower heating bills = lower electrical bills.
  32. Buy and use a space heater or two and heat up only rooms that you use while keeping the rest of the house at a lower temperature.
  33. Bundle up and turn down the thermostat.
  34. Snuggle under a blanket with a friend while you watch TV.
  35. Use timers to turn lights on and off when you are not at home.
  36. Use task lighting instead of lighting up the entire room.
  37. Watch your favorite programs on your laptop instead of the TV.
  38. Go solar to heat your water.
  39. Listen to your MP3 player instead of cranking up the stereo.
  40. Use window fans on cool nights instead of your air conditioner.
  41. When you remodel, avoid carpeting, you can vacuum less often with hard floors.
  42. Replace your air conditioner with one that is Energy Star rated.
  43. Move to a smaller house or apartment.
  44. Seal up your windows with insulating window film.
  45. Install a radiant barrier in your attic. It will reflect heat too.
  46. Replace furnace filters when needed, this will help your furnace run more efficiently.
  47. Upgrade your furnace with one with a higher efficiency.
  48. Eat it raw or cold: veggies, bread (instead of toast), sandwiches (cheese vs. grilled cheese), and milk for example.
  49. Cook with a sun oven. Use the sun’s rays to cook your dinner instead of your electric or gas stove.
  50. Dine by candle light and tuurn out the lights.
  51. Get a four poster bed and hang blankets over the top and sides – then you can turn the thermostat down even more at night.
  52. Weatherize your house, seal all of those cracks, gaps and holes.
  53. Customize your refrigerator and wrap it with 1 ” of rigid insulation and any number of finishes: painted or stained wood veneer, chalk board, galvanized steel, vinyl tile, or cork tile.
  54. Teach your kids not to stand with the refrigerator door open.
  55. Practice what you preach.
  56. Wash your hands in cold water and give your water heater a break.
  57. Install energy saving heat reflective film on all your windows. This film relects heat out in summer and back in in the winter.
  58. Move your refrigerator to an unheated porch, garage or breezeway in the cooler months.
  59. Use an unheated vestibule, garage or enclosed porch to enter and exit your house. This will prevent cold blasts of air from invading your house every time you go in or out.
  60. Add a dog door in above mentioned vestibule, this too will reduce the cold blasts.
  61. Install solar powered lights at your patio, deck and/or garden.
  62. Open up the curtains in the winter and on the north side of your house to let the sun in.
  63. Install a solar tube type skylight and turn off the lights in that room even at night.
  64. Set solar powered lanterns outside during the day and bring them inside at night for a taste of living off the grid.
  65. Install LED lamps in your recessed cans. They use even less energy than CFL’s.
  66. Don’t leave the television on for your dog during the day. Let them read the paper if they need to catch up on the news.
  67. Install a whole house fan and use it instead of your air conditioner.
  68. Use an antique sewing machine with a foot pedal.
  69. Plug power strips into timers so you don’t need to remember to turn them off.
  70. Can the jam, instead of freezing it. This goes for the extra produce from your garden too.
  71. Generate your own electricity with a wind turbine.
  72. Install a solar air heater, or two.
  73. Install SolarChoice Blinds: a passive solar heater in the guise of vertical blinds.
  74. Buy an Energy Star front loading washing machine.
  75. Wear your clothes more than once between washes.
  76. Only do full loads of laundry.
  77. Wash your clothes in cold water, or at least warm instead of hot.
  78. Fill up your dishwasher before you run it.
  79. Use the energy saver setting on your dishwasher.
  80. Switch to an Energy Star dishwasher.
  81. Use a small plate instead of a large one whenever possible, to cut down on dishwasher loads.
  82. Use one glass all day for your drinking water and it will take longer to fill up your dishwasher.
  83. Try to use only one plate or bowl per person for each meal, this will lead to fewer dishwasher loads.
  84. Serve food in the pots that you cooked the food in and it will take longer to fill the dishwasher.
  85. Skip taking a shower once in a while.
  86. Install an instant hot water heater – hot water will be at the tap sooner.
  87. Insulate your hot water pipes.
  88. Skip shaving once in a while.
  89. Switch to low flow showerheads.
  90. Put the scraps from your plates in to a worm bin instead of down the disposal.
  91. Take shorter showers – keep them to five minutes or less.
  92. Plant a tree or more to shade your house.
  93. When you take a shower turn off the water while you lather and wash.
  94. Two young kids in the same tub = ten to twenty gallons of water saved.
  95. Get your kids involved and teach them to turn the lights off when they leave the room (for instance).
  96. Adjust your water softener so that it regenerates only as necessary.
  97. Lightly steam your vegetables instead of boiling them to death.
  98. Take tandem showers: as soon as one person is done the next hops in.
  99. Give your dog a bath in the water your kids just bathed in.
  100. Jump in the shower before the water gets warm and enjoy a refreshing start to your day.
  101. Trade your furnace in for a small fire breathing dragon. This may be difficult as they are uncommonly rare.

Have fun and start saving (more)!

Author: Dan Bossenbroek
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
Provided by: Digital Camera Information

Dan Bossenbroek

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