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I have just recently become interested in finding out about this going green. At first I thought it was no big deal and that it was just another trend that people were into and wouldn’t last. But after some research I am beginning to find myself wanting to do my part by going green.

My husband and I have always recycled stuff at home like plastic bottles, paper and aluminum cans. We have stepped it up a little. We now recycle all of the plastic bags we get from local stores and all the Styrofoam containers. Like the trays your meat comes pre-wrapped on and the containers your Friday night take-out food comes in. We never realized how much Styrofoam we used. I was truly amazed. Although not many municipal recycling programs accept plastics other than those labeled with #1 and #2.

Here is what we decided to do with all of those plastic bags and Styrofoam containers. We save them up in our garage and when the box is full we take them to our local supermarket and put them in the recycle bins they have out front. At first I felt a little awkward making “the drop” as people watched us stuff the bags, egg cartons and cups into the bins, which isn’t always easy I might add! One of us holds the door to the bin open while the other one tries to effectively shove the disobedient contents into the bin all the while hoping that we don’t get our fingers slammed in the door when we are done. As the weeks passed by and continued to perform this hilarious ritual, I began to hope people did stare at us and saw what it was we were doing and maybe find themselves one day doing the same thing. It would be worth it I thought if I could inspire one person to recycle.

I am so ready to keep moving forward with the whole green thing and I don’t care if I am called a tree hugger or a save the earth freak. Here are some small, easy things my family and I are doing that you can do as well. As the incandescent bulbs in my house burn out I am replacing them with compact fluorescent light bulbs to save energy. I am buying green cleaners so I can cut down on the harmful byproducts that come from traditional cleaning products and green cleaners don’t have poisons in them so it’s healthier from my family. I bought refillable water bottles for my kids so they don’t use a lot of plastic bottles everyday and they each have their own bottle colors which keeps it fun and they know which bottle belongs to them.

Down the road when my hubby and I decide to do any remodeling I am definitely going to look into bamboo flooring and I want to try using the “non toxic” paint, also referred to as “low or no VOC” paint. I have a tendency to change the colors in my home quite often so this will really make me feel like I am doing something positive for the environment. These days I find myself comparison shopping for eco friendly products and solutions.

With gas prices so high it is not so hard to imagine riding a bike to work but I am not ready to do that as of yet. Maybe a car pool or trade in my car and buy a hybrid. What if more employers would let their employees work from home a couple of days a week, imagine how great that would be for the environment and the wallet! I read somewhere that a 12-mile daily commute generates 2,750 pounds of CO2 annually? Something to think about!

I know that I still have so much to learn but I feel great about the small steps I am taking towards making our planet a better place not only for me but for our future generations. So try making some small changes in your life and help the planet while you’re at it. You may find that like me you are indeed a tree hugger after all and that it is a great thing to be.

Author: Michele Dougherty
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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Michele Dougherty

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