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Preparing for your new arrival can be a daunting experience because once you start buying things for the baby – it suddenly becomes real. Then you think about all the things he or she will need and it can send you into another blind panic about how are you going to do it all. Just take a deep breath and relax.

There are many things on the market considered essential for the practical side of looking after your baby, but what if you, like many young couples today, know that being aware of how we effect the planet is also very important. If you recycle and try to be energy efficient and reuse things whenever possible, then some of the essential items that you will need for your baby will not always fit in with your eco friendly lifestyle.

Things like nappies are a terrible waste and do not degrade for thousands of years but on the other hand are one of the most essential things for raising your baby. If you have time now and maybe are on maternity leave, then think about looking into some eco-friendly options for your baby. Obviously, breast feeding will cut out all the sterilisation and bottles and is the absolute best start for your baby’s health and well being and will give you hours of cuddling in together. This will help raise a secure and happy baby. If you cannot breastfeed but want to be eco-friendly too, then look for your feeding options like organic milk formula which have no chemicals or hormones in the production process. There are also ranges of eco-friendly nappies and bio-degradable bibs available for you, and in time, ready for your baby as well as the environment.

Babies have a way of letting you know when things are not quite right and have things they prefer to be near, touch, nuzzle and try and taste – mostly this will be you. If you are starting to prepare your nursery and have bought a few items, then you will have noticed how many items are soft and fluffy or, are natural fibres. This is because natural and soft fibers are what baby will like, having spent nine or nearly ten months growing in a safe warm moist environment, a baby will want soft things to be wrapped in and feel on its skin.

There are many natural fibers out there made with babies in mind such as organic cottons, which will not have been sprayed with nasty pesticides, which are full of harsh chemicals, that have been linked with cancer. Organic cotton is grown in a herbicide and pesticide free environment, using organic farming methods which produces the highest quality of healthy fabric and is a natural UV ray filter. It is also really good for the environment to grow crops in this manner. Organic cotton is also very soft, breathable and absorbent and so is perfect for clothing or bedding for you new arrival.

Bamboo is another natural fiber that is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, known for its strength and durability, this amazing plant can also be transformed into clothing and linens and is known as the world’s most sustainable resource. If you are looking to have an eco-friendly baby, then bamboo fabrics are ideal for your baby.

Bamboo is grown without pesticides or any chemical interference and is completely bio-degradable and is one of the fastest growing trends in eco fashions. Bamboo products are as soft as cashmere, hypoallergenic, absorbent, anti-bacterial and breathable and so perfect to cover your little one head to toe.

There are also ranges of eco-friendly nappies and bio-degradable bibs available for you to have all of the best items ready for your baby as well as the environment.

Author: David B Taylor
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David B Taylor

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