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Most people think that going green means many people doing the same things to achieve a ‘greener’ planet. And, that premise is not false. The problem becomes getting everyone on the same page, because there are those who couldn’t care less about green efforts or their responsibility in the overall scheme. But all is not lost, because as it turns out, the balance of gains in going green will come from the small and seemingly insignificant steps that will cumulatively make a big impact.

Technology Reigns

Technological advances are taking center stage in making going green a reality. Here are some of the best ways that technology is making a difference:

Lower Vehicle Emissions

Never before have vehicle manufacturers been more aware of and are working towards making vehicles that are not only more fuel efficient, but also contribute less to environmental green house gasses. Sure there are those who say that what is being done is not enough, but just stop and consider where we have come in just ten years. This is happening on two levels. Individual vehicle mileage has gone up; while new technology that turns us away from carbon producing engines has taken center stage as the most important and sought after products.

Ford Motor Company was just awarded the North American car and truck of the year awards with the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Ford Transit Connect. These two vehicles represent strong statements about the importance of higher fuel efficiency and the effect that it will have in decreasing our dependence upon oil as a fuel source in the future.

Lower Plant Emissions

Consider the new scrubbers that clean the emissions which emanate from large stacks that spew pollutants into the atmosphere. These are not insignificant in their impact on the environment. Yet, they all originate from technology-driven advancements and implementations. Also, businesses that produce enormous amounts of these pollutants face major hurdles in their efforts to build new plants.

Business Methods Reduce Emissions

The use of technology to closely monitor business activities and operations helps reduce fuel consumption while reducing overall waste that inhibits profitability. GPS Tracking is a major part of this effort.

Fleet tracking of vehicles via GPS is applicable for many businesses that use multiple fossil fueled vehicles. The integration of GPS Tracking systems helps businesses better monitor their drivers and vehicle activities to insure that fuel is being consumed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Even farmers who use GPS Tracking systems help bring gains by their efforts in conservation.

It all adds up and GPS Tracking is a major player in this field. Sure, “Going Green” is all the rage right now, but even after all of the excitement is gone GPS Tracking devices will still be making their contributions – for a long time to come.

Author: James Neely
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James Neely

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